Archive for February, 2013

The Real Truth About Attraction Marketing

  I have recently finished reading an ebook by Dale Calvert called. The 7 Lies Of Attraction Marketing. As you can imagine from the title. It is rather controversial, and that’s putting it mildly. Dale is certainly not pulling any punches with his views on Attraction Marketing. So, if you are a Network Marketer. Who has… […]


How To Get More People To See Your YouTube Video’s

  Video Marketing on YouTube, is not as easy as some would like you to believe. There are many so called experts. Who keep on beating the drum telling you how easy it is to make a video But what they don’t tell you is. Just how hard it is to get people to first […]


5 Ways Small Businesses Can Utilize Facebook for Growth

  Starting a business is no easy feat but with a solid business strategy and plenty of thoughtful planning, entrepreneurs can beat the odds and launch a successful company. When you’re just starting out and the budget is tight, pricey ad campaigns are unrealistic and unaffordable. Luckily, these days, social media is a great way […]


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