5 tips To Making You Blog Better


Huffington Post, Mashable, and TechCrunch are three of the most insanely popular blogs online.

Your blog, or mine for that matter. Will probably never be as massive as them. (That’s the bad news)

The good news is, that you can still have a popular blog. Thanks to the many plug-in tools that are now available today. You have as good a chance as anybody else of gaining a big readership. These 5 tips listed below will help you to achieve this.

1.Blog Comments

If money is tight for you at this moment in time. Then commenting on other high traffic blogs, could be a great way to start getting visitors to your website. You may have noticed that, I said “could be a great way.” You must make sure that when you comment. It adds value to the article in question.

Most of the big blog owners will not allow you to leave spammy 2 or 3 worded sales pitches. Your goal should be to leave comments. That are interesting enough to make the people that read them want to visit your blog.


Providing that you don’t try and fake it. Being controversial will definitely get you noticed, I prefer the word passionate rather than controversial. This is what you want to be. Passionate enough about whatever point your trying to make. That you are willing to defend it No matter how unpopular it may make you. But be warned.

Being controversial, can if you let it. Take up a lot of your time. I can remember a couple of incidents on HubPages. Where I left comments, that did not go down to well with the other members. I got a barrage full of negative responses which I felt, that I had to reply to. As you can imagine. Doing this was time consuming. it took about 3 days for the negative comments to stop. And the end result is, that I have almost stopped leaving comments on HubPages.


Before you  write anything on your blog. You need to think like your ideal customer. What do you want them to do after they have finished reading your article?

In my case. I want you to feel like you learned something new, and that you trust my recommendations. Don’t let your blog post just sit there on the page. Make it lively, make it thought provoking, make it real.

4.Facts and More Facts

Being opinionated can be an asset when you blog. Simply re-hashing old news might gain you a few friends. But to give your articles a real knock out punch.

You need to back up your opinions with well researched facts.

Doing this correctly will increase the chances of your blog post being used as a valuable resource by other bloggers. It could also get you more links,more traffic, and ultimately more sales.

5.Make It Personal

Nothing works better in blogging, than writing about your passion. Most of your best posts will come.

When you write articles on what you know. As I have already stated above, being opinionated and passion driven can be a great asset. This is where you want to show yours. Don’t be afraid, and don’t over do it either. Otherwise it could alienate you from your readers, and harm your business.

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