Are Printing Ads In Newspapers Still Worth Your Money?


In the past decade, there have been significant changes to the methods that business owners use to market products and services.

Because online marketing is free or relatively inexpensive, thanks to social media, many businesses are no longer publishing print ads in newspapers.

Readership has declined for many small newspapers and people are now turning to blogs and news aggregator websites to find information relevant to their specific wants and needs.

Online Ads Featured On Blogs

As a result, for most business owners it is no longer worth the expense to print ads in newspapers.

A better option might be to post an online ad through a blog hosting service that will circulate an electronic ad through many different blogs for a relatively low cost.

There is also a free technique for spreading word about your expertise, service and products through blogs. Sign up with a guest posting service.

You will be given the opportunity to post as a guest on many different blogs. This gives you free exposure, something you can’t afford to ignore.

Keep in mind that blog posts are indexed by search engines. If, for example, you write a guest blog post about smartphone apps that find coffee shops, your post will be displayed when someone searches for coffee shop apps. You get the idea, but blogs are not islands.

The information you provide and inbound links to your website will be available to anyone who uses the internet. There is a significant benefit, don’t you think?

Value in Print

So, is there value in print ads? Yes and no is the quick answer. For businesses that advertise in local newspapers in order to generate foot traffic, there is some value. Although it seems like everyone is online, that’s not the reality.

Depending on the demographics that you target, a newspaper may be a better option for you. There is a significant cost involved for publishing print ads in most newspapers, although space is generally available for the asking.

To answer the question posed in the title, there is no definitive answer.

For some companies, it is well worth the money to publish a printed ad. For others, particularly those who market directly to a young demographic, advertising dollars are better spend online.

Maximize Your Marketing Dollars

Whether you decide to publish a printed ad, or you opt to stick to online advertising, it is critical that you accomplish three things in any ad.

You must tell the reader who you are, what you do and where they can find you. If you have a website, make it prominent.

More than anything else, if you are sending readers to a website, it needs to be functional and provide valuable information that will work to convert visitors into paying customers — beginning with the first five seconds they spend on the page.



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Annabelle is currently a loving and caring mother of two children. She lives outside of Milwaukee, WI and loves cheering for the Bucks and Badgers. She is a keen blog enthusiast and writes for a great guest post service,

8 Responses to “Are Printing Ads In Newspapers Still Worth Your Money?”

  1. Hi Annabelle Smyth,
    Great post. This is my first time, when I visited to your blog and I am great welcomed with your this post.
    In my opinion there is a much value of newspaper ads still cause, no doubt these are not available for no more than one or two day but these are valuable.
    But digital ads take a much value than paper ads.

    Have a great day!!

  2. madhusudhan says:

    I would be curious to also see the age demographics data for those same “select local businesses” surveyed by Street Fight. While there is a glut of digital media, for those in demographics that are not paying any attention to it, newsprint and magazine advertising likely are important touchpoints with small business brands.

  3. I worked at a company a few years ago, and they got lots of older clients. What I noticed, is that however much time you spend on your SEO and PPC efforts, it meant nothing, because the more elderly customers just needed an ad in the local paper.

  4. Kevin Davis says:

    I think a lot of the reason people believe that traditional forms of advertising aren’t as effective is because it isn’t as easy to track as it is online. Online you can see how many impressions, clicks, conversions etc. I believe, however, that businesses should explore multiple channels of advertising that include both online and traditional forms. You might even consider putting a QR code on your print media to direct it to your online advertising. This may also help you track its effectiveness.

  5. Andy Selcho says:

    Interesting post. I agree that so many have switched to the online realm for looking up news and interesting articles, but there are still plenty of people (older folk) I know that still read newspapers and magazines.

  6. Eric says:

    I totally agree Annabelle! For some business’s print advertising is a waste of time. However if your demographic (target audience) is older then a printed ad could be very effective.

    -Eric Out-

  7. This is an excellent post that poses a great question. Newspaper ads are definitely becoming less and less effective, thought not entirely out of the picture. Advertising is constantly evolving with the rapid growth of technology, so our print ads have really got to be good!

  8. Mark Murray says:

    Hey Annabelle – saw your comment at and followed it to here. I’ve been looking into all kinds of advertising recently myself, so this post proved pretty helpful for me – many thanks!

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