Is Advertising A Waste Of Time?


Paying  for Advertising is something that I really hate”.I know that its necessary, and online advertising has sent serious amounts of traffic to the various Affiliate Products that I promote but, I still have mixed feelings about using paid advertising sources.

For you to understand my reasons for being so sceptical, you only need look at Paid Advertising and then, compare it to getting your website ranked in the natural search engines results.

I know that when people find my website via the search engines, they will usually stay on my site for a longer period of time, because my web page is related to the search term that they were looking for.

Using a paid Internet Marketing Advertising service however, is a entirely different kettle of fish because. I am crucially aware that I only have seconds to get any interested buyer attention, before he or she clicks away from my web page.

When you start advertising your own web site, just know that people won’t be interested in hanging around trying to figure out what you’re offer is about. You will have no more than 5 seconds to grab them by the throat before they leave your page.

If you really want to get the best results from paid advertising then make sure that you

…Don’t make the mistake of advertising your professionally designed web page without a attention grabbing headline, a call to action, and a sales pitch, unless of course,  your not interested in making any sales.

In advertising, timing is everything. You might have a wonderful product or service, but the group of people who see your ad are just not interested in making a purchase at that moment in time, this is not your fault, It’s just one of those things that always happens in advertising.

Having just read this page,  you must be wondering if it is actually really worth your while paying for advertising?

My answer to that question is YES! for reasons that I explain here.

In terms of traffic generation, advertising is probably the worst method that you could use but, once you know and understand it’s limitations (like I have shown you here) it will become a powerful secret weapon that you can always rely on to make you money online.

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2 Responses to “Is Advertising A Waste Of Time?”

  1. NinjaPinner says:

    Actually advertising is advisable to use especially for those new businesses to promote their business and they can use the advantage of internet marketing and social media marketing to advertise their business.

  2. Ella Walker says:

    Which one do you think is much better? E-mail Marketing or Pay Per Click Advertising. I have tried using both E-mail marketing and PPC Advertising to advertise my products and both seems to do equally well.

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