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3 Things You Need To Know About Google+

Are you finding it hard work understanding and navigating your way around G+?Google +

If your answer is YES!

Then don’t worry, because you are not the only one.

Did you know that 98% of G+ user’s.

Haven’t got a clue (from a online business perspective)

how to use Google+ effectively.

And until very recently that included myself.

But over the last few weeks.

I have learned that in order to get the best out of Google +  you have to get the basic steps right first, and that is what I will share with you in this article.

Please read on to find out the 3 simple things that you must do now, in order to get better business connections on Google+

1) Your Google+Page

The first page that you must set up is your G+ page, this is where you reveal a little bit about yourself to the general public at large.

It is also the place where you make real connections to people that you don’t know personally, but would like to know more about.Your Google+ page is where you represent yourself as an individual and a real person.

If you want more people to add you to their circles, go by your first and last name, and make sure that you put as much detailed information about yourself in the profile section as you can.

 2) Your Google+ Business Page

After completing your profile, you can then proceed to the next stage, which is to create another G+ page that represents your business.

This page is like a shortened version of your main G+ profile page, but the main difference is that now you get to advertise your brand or website.

You can upload your own customized logo and header banner that explain to potential customers what your business is all about.

3) Your Google+ For Local Business Page

Once you have done the above 2 steps, you will be ready for the final stage, your  Google+ for local business page,  (formerly known as Google Places)

Google+ Local for Businesses is all about the social aspect of search. This is where you connect with customers and/or others in the industry by putting them in your circles (similar to “friends” on Facebook or “followers” on Twitter).

Anyone who has your company in their circles will be able to see updates from your company, whether it be blog posts or just a general comments on the feed.

My Final Thoughts

What I find  the most  interesting about Google+ is the idea that Google is offering personalized search results based on your Google+ connections.

Whenever I use their search engine to find information on various topics, some of the people who I am connected to are now popping up at the top of the SERP

Which means that when people search for your brand on Google, they can get the latest info straight from your Google+ page, on the right hand side of their search results.

And when your followers search for information relevant to your brand, any content you’ve shared might appear at the top of Google search results











What Is The Best Blog Commenting Service?


Experienced Bloggers already know that blog commenting is one of the best methods of getting one way back links.

They also know that manual blog commenting is a very slow and sometimes tedious process.

That is why some of them try to game the system by investing in link building software with comments.

Personally speaking.

I prefer to add any comments on a blog post that I like myself.

Because I want the blog owner to know that I am a real person, so using comment automation software is just not an option for me.

In this article I will reveal to you the 4 blog commenting services/plugins that I use the most, and I explain the reason why I rate them so highly.


1) Disqus

First started in 2007 by Daniel Ha and Jason Yan. Disqus has over 50 million users and is rated by many as one the best blog commenting service around.

I have had an account with Disqus for quite some time now, but it is only this year (2013)  that I have really started to use them as part of my blog commenting strategy.

What I like the most about the Disqus blog commenting service is the ability to share mine, or any other person’s comments on the popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

I use this feature quite a lot because it helps to draw more people into the discussion.

Recommended reading: WP Comment System + CommentLuv Out, Disqus In: Why I Made The Change  By Fabrizio Van Marciano



2)Facebook Comments Plugin

I’m not exactly sure when the first Facebook wordpress comments plugin came into being. But I can tell you that the first official Facebook fully integrated plugin

was launched on… or around the 6/12/2012

Now some of you reading this post might already know that I am not exactly one of Facebook’s biggest fans.

But having said that, I do like their WordPress plugin for Facebook comments because I have found that it is the best method of interacting with other Facebook users.

Recommended Reading: Will the Real Facebook WordPress Plugin Please Stand Up?  By Jason Fox


3)Comment Luv Premium

Andy Bailey launched the original Comment Luv wordpress plugin way back in 2007

I’m trying my best not to sound too biased here, but it’s kinda hard for me not to do so… since I already have Comment Luv Premium installed on this site.

Comment Luv Premium comes with a fairly hefty price tag of $97 which might be a bit steep for the average newbie blogger.

But should you ever decide to purchase this plugin, I can honestly say that it will go down as one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Recommended Reading: Updated CommentLuv Plugin Increases Productivity for Bloggers By Ms.ILeane


4)Google+ Comments

First launched in April 18th 2013 for Blogger Blog owners, this plugin was quickly adapted for wordpress by Alex Moss

It most definitely is the new kid on the block but if their rapid growth and popularity continues the Google+ comments plugin could eventually turn out to be the best blog commenting service of them all.

I do not have it installed on this site at this moment in time. But that may change in the not too distant future.

I mainly connect with my G+ followers by using the excellent Shareaholic Google chrome extension to share any blog posts that I feel may be of interest to them.

Recommended Reading: Google Plus Comments Plugin For WordPress  By Chris Lang


5)WordPress Comments System

I could not finish this article without mentioning the native wordpress comments system which has been around since WordPress first opened for business way back in May 2003

Most bloggers prefer to use this option, while being almost totally unaware of all the other choices available.

But in all honesty I can’t blame them because the native WordPress commenting system is quick. It’s efficient and it actually works quite well.

However it would be stupid for you to ignore the other competing commenting systems like the 4 I’ve mentioned above. Because they have taken the basic functionality of WordPress to a whole new level.

So if you’re serious about your blog and you want to drive as much interaction as possible then my advice to you is to consider switching to a premium WordPress comments plugin.









How Do You Speed Up Your Website?


Over the past couple of years.

Page load times has become a real hot topic of discussion.

 And if like me…you are a regular reader of blogs in the Internet Marketing niche.

You would have no doubt already heard the rumours about Google favouring websites that have fast page loading times.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been one for following rumours.

What I wanted was some solid proof

So I decided to visit the blog of none other than Mr Google bigwig himself Matt Cutts.

And according to Matt  page speed only plays a very small part in your page ranking in Google search.

I can’t say that I’m all that surprised to hear this news, because when you consider the 200 plus variables that Google uses to measure page rank.

There is absolutely no way that one single variable can have that much of an effect.

Which makes me believe that all of the scare mongering tactics used by these so called internet marketing guru’s, about fast loading pages are at best less than 30% true?

So Why Bother Listening To Them?

That is a good question, especially when you consider that they are also recommending that we use WP3 Total Cache as a way of speeding up our sites.

Which I find totally amazing given the  amount of problems  that most website owners have with this plugin.

As a matter of fact, I was so shocked by this recommendation.

I contacted HostGator  (my host provider) to find out if I needed to change the plugin that I am currently using WP Super Cache.

Here is their reply.


“Hi Paul, W3TC has the advantage of being able to make use of Memcached.

However, we have seen better performance with WP Super Cache over all.

Thank you for allowing me to help you.

Sincerely, Ricardo C. Linux Systems Administrator II HostGator.com, LLC http://support.hostgator.com”

Date: March 25 2013


So you can see why I choose not to install W3TC on this site. I wanted an easier option.

And by continuing my research into speeding up page load times, I found 2 other possible solutions.


CDN (Content Delivery Networks) are simply a number of servers scattered around the globe, that are there for the sole purpose of delivering content to your visitors as quickly as possible.

Distance is a factor of web speed, which means that the closer the server is to your location. The quicker the page will load.

CDN Max and CloudFlare are both highly rated by Bloggers and Internet Marketers alike, and so… after much deliberation.

I decided to go with CloudFlare. For 3 reasons


1) It was already partially installed on my Cpanel at HostGator.

2} it cost less than CDN Max.

3) CloudFlare appeared to have more extra website protection features.


Those extra protection features allowed me to remove some of the plugins that were slowing down my site

But unfortunately for me, I had to stop using CloudFlare by the end of April 2013 because of issue’s regarding the installation of the  mobile version of this site.

So now I’m right back where I started from.

Still searching for a way of  speeding up my page loading times

Upgrading or changing my hosting provider is something that I will have to consider doing in the very near future. But for now, I will remove a few more plugins, widgets, and of course optimize my Database on a regular basis.

What are you doing to speed up your website? tell me by leaving a comment below





How To Reduce Comment Spam


Fact: The more popular you’re blog becomes, the more spam comments you will get.

Fact: There is no 100% method of completely getting rid of spam.

So what are you supposed to do?

If you are an Internet Marketing Newbie.

Then you will be probably unaware of the dangers of email and comment spam…

…and how both of these menaces can effect your business.

In this article.

You will learn what blog comment spam is, and how it differs from email spam. I will also give you my opinion on what is the best solution to managing both.

 1. Web Spam/Email Spam What’s The Difference?

Whenever you get an Email from a spammer. It will nearly always contain a message urging you to buy a product or service.

The ad in question, is aimed at you specifically and no one else.

Comment/web spammers on the other hand. Are targeting your readers to buy their product. You (the blogger, author, moderator) are not the target.

2. Web Spammers Are Like Magicians.

Email spammers are very bold and brash in their nature. They purposely write messages to get your attention. Comment spammers are the exact opposite.

Their mission is to make you believe they are real bloggers, so you’ll approve the comment and publish it on your site.

Flattery is one of their biggest weapons, appealing to your better side; any sneaky tactic will do, in order to convince you to give them the benefit of the doubt.

3. Web Spammers are Advertising For Free…

..and they’re keeping all of the profits. Contacting you to ask for permission first, is the last thing on their minds. It is absolutely frightening to think that somebody right now.

Could be offering to sell links from your blog to anyone willing to pay a few dollars (or a few cents). With you being none the wiser.

4.  Backlinks For Sale Anyone?

I often use  Attracta to check that my blog is not linking to any websites that in Attracta own words, follow “Deceptive Business Practices”

And according to them, this site is web spam free from an out bound linking point of view.

Why is this so important?

Well it’s because Google have been known to blacklist websites that are not playing by their rules. You have to remember that.

Spammers like selling links from your blog to their clients.

Because they earn lots of Wonga by re-directing your readers into visiting dubious web sites.

Most of the time these sites are relatively harmless, apart from the porn and fake pills advertisements. However, there is always a chance that.

You might end up being the unlucky one. Who is sent to a so called innocent looking web page, intended to disguise the fact that it is really advertising something far more sinister.

5. Human Spammers…

..Are being regularly recruited by dodgy website owners. Who pay them a pittance to do their dirty work. These human spammers are usually found in countries where the wages are very low. Compared to what you could earn if you resided in the UK or US.

People who work in Internet Cafes or sweat shop factories, are the most likely to be exploited. Occasionally a few less than honest viral marketers are roped in too.

Whatever way you want to look at it, all of these scumbag’s webmasters are after the same thing, which is to exploit your blog for their profit and they hope to do it without you noticing.

So What’s The Solution?

For stopping email spam, you can use any number of different services like Spam ArrestSpam Assassin or Spam Fighter Pro.

I have had Spam Assassin installed on one of my email addresses on Hostgator. Since I started this blog, and that address has had less than 1% spam in 3 years.

For stopping comment spam on your blog you want a service that offers the following features

  •  Tells the user that their comment has not been accepted
  •  Tells the user the minimum amount of words required before their comment is accepted
  •  Tells the user the minimum amount of time they have to stay on a page before commenting
  • Tells the user when they have put too many URLs in their comment’s

You will also need a way of rewarding the people who leave good comments on your blog.

There is only one service that I know about.

Which can offer you all of this, and much much more  Comment Love Premium

Do you agree with me or not? Tell me by leaving a comment below.




5 Things That You Should Know About Inbound Org


There are many free ways of driving traffic to your website.

Brian Halligan, a CEO and co-founder of HubSpot.

Was the first person to describe all of these methods, in only two words.

He called it Inbound Marketing.

Rand Fishkin, a CEO and founder of SEOmoz

Launched a website in 10/2/2012 called Inbound Org.

I only signed up  for my free account in March 2013.

And what I am going to share with you in this article, are 5 of the things that I think, will interest you most.

1)Very Easy To Post Content

I give Inbound Org  10 out of 10 for site navigation. I hate it when you have to jump through a number of hoops, just to share some content on a website.

For me that kinda defeats the whole purpose of social interaction.

You should be able to share the stuff that you like, whenever you like.

In my opinion if it takes you longer than 2 minutes to figure out how everything works. Then you are joining the wrong social media website.

2)Earn Up Votes and Karma

To become one the big players on Inbound Org, you need 2 things, Up votes and Karma.

You get one up vote for each article that you share plus a few Karma points. I like this system because you can earn points very quickly.

You might just be wondering…

How does Inbound Org stop repeated shares of the same article?

Well, its all to do with a very clever warning system that they have in place. That tells you via a pop up. If someone else has already shared your submitted content.

The system then re-directs you to the person who originally shared the article, while at the same time awarding you an Up vote.

3) Ask Me Anything Q&A

Most of the popular websites that I visit have a Q&A page (Question And Answer) but I can honestly say that, I have never seen one used better than on Inbound Org.

Here’s how it works…

Every week  somebody who already has an established blog, invites members of Inbound Org. To ask him or her anything they want about their business.

These Q&A sessions are great for the business owner old and new.

Because they get a chance to advertise their business to new potential customers and at the same time. Show off all their knowledge and expertise.

End result, almost instant credibility and trust.  Added with the  benefit, of earning them a lot of Up votes and Karma points.

4) Extra Profile Features

Inbound Org give you the option of adding  4 other social media profile links where you are currently the most active. My advice to you is,  to take full advantage of this.

And you should also,  fill in the Project & Skills, Where I Write, and Favorite Blogs sections.

Unfortunately,  if you don’t have a blog, and you are not a online business owner. You will gain very little benefit from these extra features.

But it is still nice to know that they are there should you ever decide to start a  work from home online business  at some point in the future.

5) Traffic?

My 2  favorite social media websites, in terms of traffic generation,  are JustRetweet and Twitter.The reason why I rate both of these websites above all others is because.

They are very easy to use, and you get sent traffic almost immediately.

Inbound Org at this moment in time, is good on the easy to use part.

But as for getting traffic to my blog, I would not put them in the same bracket as Twitter or JustRetweet.

But then again, I am still in the very early stages of my membership. So hopefully my traffic stats will improve over the coming months.

What Results Have You Been Getting From Inbound Org?

Tell Me By Leaving A Comment Below


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