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Richard Parker is an eminent columnist with a publication. He is a telecom engineer and a broadband specialist. Writing news based articles for online journals is one of his favorites. Currently he is busy playing with his newly bought iPhone 5.

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What Size Business Does Mobile Marketing Appeal To Most?


Mobile marketing can target a huge number of people if it is managed correctly.

While it may be tempting to just bombard every single person with a mobile phone as part of your marketing campaign, cherry picking your customers could actually be more effective for your business in the long run.

Of course, different businesses have different needs, so how do you know whether mobile marketing is the right marketing style for your company?

Big companies = big budgets

If you are working for a large company, you’ll probably have already discovered that the budget for marketing is rather large.

This isn’t automatically the case but, more often than not, the larger the company, the more money they are prepared to spend on a good marketing campaign.

While mobile marketing can be a hugely effective way of getting a message to customers, larger companies often have a budget capable of managing a much bigger campaign.

In these circumstances, they may have an email marketing system, as well as television and radio adverts. The larger scale of marketing may mean that SMS marketing isn’t a top consideration.

Having said that, an SMS marketing campaign can make a huge difference. Because it’s easy to use and manage, it can slot quite easily into an existing marketing strategy. It may also work for a special event or promotion that the company are keen to promote.

For example, some blue-chip companies have limited time offers or a big push on a certain element of their business.

During these individual campaigns, SMS marketing could prove to be the missing link in making a campaign hugely successful. If they do not use this method regularly, it may also end up being even more effective as a one-off for the company.

Small businesses have closer connections

When it comes to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), the budget for marketing is often significantly lower than that of larger, household name brands.

With this in mind, the campaigns that these SMEs use are scaled down considerably compared to their blue-chip competitors. Large, billboard adverts are not likely to be an option for these companies to consider so cheaper options need to be considered, without compromising on the quality of customers they reach.

SMS marketing is an ideal method for these smaller businesses because it won’t break the bank and it’s also easy to set up.

As previously mentioned, it’s easy to add into an existing strategy and smaller businesses may find their customers are more willing to hand over their mobile numbers.

Knowing that their details won’t end up in a huge, corporate marketing campaign may make customers feel more obliged to hand over the phone numbers and sign up for mobile marketing.

This can be good news for the company because they will be targeting a specific market of interested people.

Using MMS (multi-media messages) is another method that some companies can adopt to draw in customers. This method may not be as popular as standard SMS marketing but it certainly could be in the future.

Allowing customers to interact with the company that is sending them messages through the power of pictures and videos may make them feel a connection to that company and, consequently, be more willing to invest with them.


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