How to Get Your Customers to Remember Your Brand


One of the main challenges in business is making your company or your product memorable to your target audience.

Today, we will explore how to tackle these challenges and make sure that your current and potential customers will remember you and be enticed to purchase from you moving forward.

Here are 5 ways to help get your brand recognized and remembered with the goal of increasing sales.

1. Promotional Products

Surveys have shown that promotional products can win over customers in a number of different ways.

Promotional products are branded merchandise that is given to current or potential customers for free in an effort to help them remember your company.

When these products have your name and/or logo on them, they help gain favor with customers since everyone loves to receive something for free.

They also are kept for long periods of time, so versus other forms of advertising, can be remembered and your name remains in front of the customer for a long time.

2.Tell Your Company’s Story in Social Media

Personal stories and connections from a company go a long way towards gaining favor with potential customers.

Consumers love to hear stories about companies and anything you can tell them to show them that your company is real and present them with personality.

This can be done through social media. When you develop your company’s personality through social media, those channels are the best ways to tell your story and show the human side of a company.

3. Engage with Email

Email is always one of the best ways a company can communicate with their past customers and email list subscribers who are already interested in hearing from the business.

Not all emails need to be promotional in nature.

Many customers appreciate hearing from a company as long as the information being sent is informational and relevant to the customers. Expressing that personality, telling stories about your business or your employees is one of the best ways to become memorable.

4.Use Appealing and Relevant Colors

Studies have shown that colors affect people in different ways.

Your company can work towards making itself more memorable by using colors that appeal to your customers and also represent your brand.

Depending on what your business’ mission is and company culture represents, you can use colors to express these aspects and ensure that customers remember you. Here are some examples:

  • Orange can represent fun, tropical vacations, or learning.
  • Blue can be calming or instill trust in consumers.
  • Red can be exciting and passionate or can be used to accent other colors to represent importance.
  • Green represents nature, the environment, or the sea.
  • Yellow can represent the brightness of the sun.

Listen to Your Customers, Show Them You Care

Just showing customers that you care can go a long way towards endearing them to your company and ensuring that they will remember your company when the opportunity arises in the future for them to need your products or services.

In addition, when you understand why your customers purchase from you, it gives you the chance to offer better products and service for them.

It may open the door for additional products and services as well as your core set, allowing you to grow your order average size along with customers’ satisfaction.




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3 Responses to “How to Get Your Customers to Remember Your Brand”

  1. Jimmy John says:

    You’re right! People love getting things for free. Use this to your advantage by providing items that are both practical and visible. Create something they will use and get your brand out there!

  2. Kevin Davis says:

    Promotional products are great for brand recognition. I read that they have upwards of 90% brand recognition. These can be great tools in a marketing strategy but I’d also point out that you want more than just recognition. You want to think about how it fits within your brand identity. How will recognition lead to conversion? etc.

  3. “Not all emails need to be promotional in nature.
    Many customers appreciate hearing from a company as long as the information being sent is informational and relevant to the customers.”

    Yes, you’ll never go wrong with a mailing list. As long as you’re using it properly. Great post!

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