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What Is A sale?

  “I bet you think that this is a trick question.” Of course you know what a sale is. It’s when somebody buys your stuff  “Right.”  Well actually, you are only half right. When you sell your product online, it would be true to say that you have just made a sale. But in marketing terms what […]


Why You Need To Learn How To Write Sales Copy

  It is a hidden secret, but it is also a well known fact in the Online Marketing industry, that you will make next to nothing from your website unless you have great sales copy  written on every page. Consider this, a good to average copy writer can sell a crappy product but, you will […]


How To Sell Stuff Online

  If you are having trouble getting people to purchase from you. I am sorry for rubbing salt into you’re already very painful wounds. But, looking on the brighter side of things at least you will now learn why you’re web site is not converting visitors into “BUYERS” I don’t know you personally, so it would […]


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