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Are You Just A Friendly Blogger Or Internet Marketer?

  I already know what I am. An  Affiliate Marketer, who just happens to blog at this moment in time.  And if in the future. Some better way of making money online. Comes along that I like. You can bet your sweet life. That I will jump all over it in a heartbeat. I am […]


How Often Do You Backup Your Blog?

  If your blog is your business… and not just a hobby. Then you simply must back it up on a regular basis  Luckily… WordPress blogs are designed to make jobs like backing up very easy. You can of course…choose to backup your files manually. But why bother when you have so many fantastic plugins […]


Do You Bother Moderating Your Blog Comments?

  Recently…I have developed a strange kind of love affair with social media, It has taken quite awhile for this to happen, but I am now totally hooked on the whole social sharing thing.  One of my favorite social networking sites at this moment in time is Linkedin. Or to be more precise…Linkedin Groups. Groups […]


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