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What Made Instagram So Popular?

  The quick rise of Instagram has left many in the business world shaking their head. How can a company with only 12 employees build a business in such a short period of time and sell for 1 billion dollars? The answer to this question is threefold, two of the reasons could be attributed to […]


5 Ways Small Businesses Can Utilize Facebook for Growth

  Starting a business is no easy feat but with a solid business strategy and plenty of thoughtful planning, entrepreneurs can beat the odds and launch a successful company. When you’re just starting out and the budget is tight, pricey ad campaigns are unrealistic and unaffordable. Luckily, these days, social media is a great way […]


How To Get Targeted Traffic From Linkedin

  Whenever you hear people talk about social media. Usually 3 names get  mentioned far more than the rest, Twitter,Facebook and YouTube. Hardly a day goes by without someone on TV or Radio,telling you. Why you must  follow them on Twitter. Like them on FaceBook, or watch a video of theirs on YouTube . But the […]


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