Earning Money-Can’t Figure Out How To Make Money From Affiliate Programs?


If you are one of those poor suckers.

Who is constantly looking for a way to make money from affiliate programs for little or no time, effort, and money involved.

Then reading this page is definitely not going to be your cup of tea. “I mean come on”, how much of that bull***t are you gonna swallow before you realize that…

Nothing in Affiliate Marketing is as easy as it looks.  

YES! you really can make money from recommending affiliate products to visitors to your website but,  please don’t expect to become a millionaire over-night.

LISTEN, “I respect you and thank you for reading this page.” and I really do want to help you succeed, but I want you to know straight from the get go that making money from affiliate programs will require some work.

To really understand how to recommend a product to someone, then you really should have some kind of understanding of what that product or service is about.

This Means…   Purchasing the product. Depending if you have read my home page or not.

Then I could be repeating myself to you when I say that all of the products or services that you see here will be what I have used or still use today .

“I don’t know about you” but my reputation is important to me, so

I need to feel comfortable with myself about any product recommendations that I make to visitors such as you.

Before you try to make money online from home, ask yourself this question?

Do I want to make just a little extra money or do I want to be a full time Affiliate Marketer”

For me personally, their was never any doubt in my mind about what I wanted to be, so I have always had a long term view and strategy and I am realistic about my time scale to becoming totally financially free.

You must decide NOW! … on what type of affiliate you want to be, because it will help you to stay focused and achieve better results.

Let’s assume that you have decided to take the long term view about making money from affiliate programs.

Then the best advice that I can give to you is to “Learn and keep on learning”

Whatever you may think, learning how to make money online from Affiliate Marketing is a highly specialized skill.

Sure  there is a lot of free information that you can find about Online Marketing, but it’s putting all the pieces of the puzzle together that you will struggle with.

The number one thing that you must do is…   learn how to write for your intended audience.

If English is your first language then you already have a Huge advantage over 90% of other Internet users.

Another advantage of writing your own content is that you will be able to re-use it over and over again. Your recycled content can be used to produce your newsletter messages, articles and ebooks, all of which has the potential to earn you money.

I sure you’ve heard the saying that “Affiliate Marketing is a numbers game” and indeed it is, but it is also a conversion game and last but not least it is a “LEARNING GAME”.

10 Responses to “Earning Money-Can’t Figure Out How To Make Money From Affiliate Programs?”

  1. lauren says:

    Good article. Affiliate marketing can be a very effective way of earning money IF you know what you are doing and are willing to put the time in to learn. Highly experienced marketers do earn fantastic money but I do agree with your article. I think anyone who is thinking of going into AM needs to really invest time and money in learning how to do it properly.

  2. Tareq Hasan says:

    Thanks for sharing and educating us about how to make money from affiliate marketing. This is why I couldn’t but appreciate this post. Looking forward to learn more. Thanks again.

  3. Rabbi says:

    A visually refreshing and knowledgeable thought provoking blog. Complete material is interesting and cheery to read, it entirely retains you hooked. Handsome color set up for the blog. It’s astounding how each and every day there’s somewhat exclusive to view in the blog. I like the quick quotations accessible in the blog.
    If any suggestion for me

  4. Vivek Jain says:

    Affiliate programs is the best way to earn money online. Surely it is a great idea. I totally agree with your efforts. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Bryan says:

    I am persistently looking for high excellence websites that have constructive information, and this is one of them. So glad I found this site and I hope you keep up the good work.

  6. Corey says:

    For anyone wanting to make money online, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to get started. Affiliate marketing is the act of referring online shoppers to various products and gaining a percentage of the sale in return. As an affiliate marketer, you are given your own links to a product so the seller knows when a customer you referred buys their product.

    • paul profitt says:

      What you have written is true Corey. But that is just the easy part of Affiliate Marketing. And most newbies don’t get beyond that phase, once they realize that its not as easy to make money online as it sounds.

  7. rozia says:

    A great way of presenting article.Leant a lot and i agree with your major content but the most important thing you need for affiliate marketing is building trust and it depends upon how you make trust of your viewer with different strategies

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