Do You Want To Know How To Sell?


“You may not have realised this but, there is a psychology to selling a product to someone.” If you have never made a sale from your website.

Then I would say that there is more than a good chance that you are not getting into the mind of your ideal customer.

To do this technique effectively,

You need to Try and imagine that he or she is engrossed in their favourite soap opera.

Speaking for myself. I can tell you that when my favourite soccer team (Arsenal) is playing.

It’s like, I am in a day dream and the rest of the world just fades into the background. Until the match is over.

Now I know that soap opera fans get exactly the same feeling when their show comes on.

In fact. Some of my best friends have told me never to contact them when their favorite soap is on the goggle box.

You must be wondering what the hell does watching a soap opera or a soccer match have to do with selling a product. ”

Well I’m gonna tell you.”

It’s all to do with the mind set of the person that you’re trying to sell something to.

What you have to remember is that the average visitor to your website has a lot of things on their minds.

It could be something like a soap opera or something else.

Whatever is on their minds has a bearing on what they do when they see your product or service.

Some how, you have to find a way to interrupt their current mental state. And get them to notice you.

The number 1 method of grabbing their attention is to use a powerful headline at the beginning of your sales page.

A good headline will shift the focus of the person reading your web page.

Powerful headlines work because, they grab customers by the throat.

They have the same effect as slapping a hysterical person in the face.

But, if you want to get the same reaction from your headlines.

Then make sure that they are bold, dramatic, and specific.

“OK now that you’ve got their attention, what next?”

You have to hold it until you get your most wanted response from them.

In most cases,  your most wanted response should be to get all visitors to your website to sign up to your news-letter.

To encourage them to give you their email address. Requires good content. It must capture their imagination, hold their interest.

You have to bring them into your world. Just like your favorite movie does to you.

The amazing thing about having good sales copy on your website is that it creates “mental movies”

By using specific, active, and descriptive sales copy.

You will be able to (with practice) put 80% of visitors to your website,  into a trance like state of mind.

This is exactly what you want.  A sales message  that draws people in. Shows them how excited you are about your product or service.

Once you have achieved this you will truly have entered their minds.  And in so doing, mastered the psychology of selling.

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3 Responses to “Do You Want To Know How To Sell?”

  1. Paul Profitt says:

    .Hi Michael

    Outrageous headlines are all part and parcel. Of the wonderful world of Affiliate Marketing. I would love to be able to tell you.

    That this method of marketing doesn't work.


    Unfortunately this is not the case.

    Most of the top Online Marketers know that it is the headline that sells the product to the customer.

    Because they are always looking for a quick fix for virtually every problem.

    As for putting a dull and boring keyword into your headline.

    I have to tell you that it is very important that you do this. Otherwise your website will be very hard for people to find via the search engines

  2. Headlines are interesting creatures. I'm working on it, the outrageous headline is easy to come up with and I am sure it would "grab by the throat". However most people resent being grabbed, rather I want to intrigue them, make them curious enough to move on. Now that headline is much more difficult to make. The third kicker is when you need to put a dull boring keyword into it and make it intriguing. As I said, I am learning and indeed it is a art to do this effectively. Good analogy, if you do the job correctly you are putting the reader in a trance.

  3. Paul Profitt says:

    Hello Friend

    I thank you for leaving your comments. Sorry but I disagree with you. When you say that most Internet Marketers use Cost Per Action or CPA ads to achieve success.

    I would say the over whelming majority of the top Affiliate Marketers are successful because. They are promoting their own products, and building their lists.

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