What Is A sale?


“I bet you think that this is a trick question.” Of course you know what a sale is. It’s when somebody buys your stuff  “Right.”  Well actually, you are only half right.

When you sell your product online, it would be true to say that you have just made a sale. But in marketing terms what you have just accomplished is a “ACTION”

In advertising, what you should always concentrate on is getting visitors to your web pages to take action, and not be to bothered about increasing the volume of traffic to your web site.

“Don’t get me wrong traffic is important”, I love getting traffic to my web site but, I am far more interested in my conversion  rate.

Before I go on I should point out that a conversion or sale is exactly the same thing.

You must make sure that all of you’re  sales letters  are geared towards generating sales.

NOTE: Remember a sale is any action that you want somebody to take so…

…getting your tight wad friend to buy you a drink is a sale.

Convincing somebody to sign up to your news-letter is a sale. Stopping your mum from re-marrying that guy you hate is a “SALE”

To be able to sell anything yourself, whether it be online or off line. All you have to know is that.

“Sales is nothing more than a transfer of confidence

So, what you have to do is make people believe that your product or service is as wonderful as you say it is. You can give people confidence in what you are saying in a variety of ways that include.

  • Offering a 60 day money back guarantee
  • Showing them how the product helped you
  • Showing them how the product helped others
  • Giving them a free 30 day trial

NOTE: You may have noticed that I have given exact time periods in points 1 and 4. This is because it has been proven that customers respond better whenever a fixed date or number is displayed in your offer.

Now that you know exactly what a sale is, you should be able to easily instill self confidence about your service into every prospect that visit your web site.

Use the above tactics  to stop yourself becoming the “SALESMAN” that everybody hates.

Instead, concentrate your efforts into finding more imaginable and creative ways in making people believe in you and then, watch your profits soar.

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