What is so great about resell rights?


If the idea of learning sales copy,writing articles,making videos, or even starting a blog. Seems like way to much “HARD WORK”

You will probably be the ideal person.

To earn your living from Master Resell Rights Products.

But before you get to crazy and excited. I must warn you that.

You will still be required to do some work, and spend some money

Before seeing any real profits from this method of Affiliate Marketing.

In this article. I will explain the important steps that you must take first. Before buying your first Master Resell Rights Product.

Step#:1 Find a product that you might be interested in selling.

To do this. Just type the name of the product into Google’s Search Engine. Make sure that you put resell rights before the name.

Let’s say for instance.

That I was interested in selling “Red Italian Shoes”

All I would have to do is. Type the words “resell rights red italian shoes” into Google, bing, or any other of the popular search engines.

This would bring up a list of the top website’s who are offering resell rights for Red Italian Shoes.

Step#:2 Purchase a domain name for the product in question.

There are countless places where you can get a domain name from. I use 1&1 for my domains, and I haven’t had any problems with them so far.

You will also need to have a good hosting account.

I recommend that you choose HostGator. Because they are well respected and more importantly very reliable.

Step#:3 Register your product at PayDot com. (There is a small fee that you will have to pay.) But it is worth it.

By doing this.

You are now able to get other affiliates to promote your product. And depending on what type of resell rights you have purchased.

you will now have total control regarding the price of the product, and the commission rates that you pay to your affiliates.

What Are The Potential Problems With Resell Rights?

To tell you the truth. I can’t think of anything really major that you have to worry about.

Of course…

You can potentialy buy a product that nobody wants. But the odds of that happening are virtually zero.

Any resell rights product. That you cannot make an instant profit from. Will make a great free gift.That you can build your list with.

I can testify to this because. I still use products. That are  “YEARS” out of date to build my list.

Remember. It is not the age of the products that matters. But the relevancy, and quality of the information it provides.

If  you are only interested in selling the latest quality resell rights products.

Then I would recommend that you join a paid membership site.

Doing this will save you a lot of you’re valuable “TIME

Just in case you were wondering.

There are plenty of free resell rights products online.  That you can try and sell to your customers.

I am not knocking free gifts or products. As I have already said

They are great to build your list with.


Making a killing, In master resell rights products. Depends on quality.

Selling free cheap junk. Will simply kill your reputation and your business stone dead.

Don’t make the mistake. In thinking that just because your brand is not actually on the product.

You will be able to get away with selling low quality goods.

Your website will still be guilty by association. Just as you will be.

All of the trust. That you are trying to build with your customers. Will be gone, maybe forever. “And you know what that means don’t you.”

No Trust =No sales=No Business.

high quality resell rights

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    i bought the resell rights ninja but im trying to watch the videos but i keep getting the exit pop up to buy there other product and it wont let me watch the videos just the intro

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