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If you are having trouble getting people to purchase from you. I am sorry for rubbing salt into you’re already very painful wounds.

But, looking on the brighter side of things at least you will now learn why you’re web site is not converting visitors into “BUYERS”

I don’t know you personally, so it would be wrong of me to say that the reason why you’re not making any sales from you’re website is because of you  not doing blah blah blah correctly.  

Instead, I am going to tell you the one thing that is guaranteed to convert visitors to you’re web site into devoted buyers who will keep on buying from you for years to come.

To get more people to buy from you, you’re web site must have excellent “SALES COPY”  

In other words you must either learn how to become a great sales copy writer or pay someone a lot of money to write great sales copy for you.

You’re sales letter is the difference between you making zilch dollars per month or tens of thousands of dollars.

I should also add that a powerful sales message delivered by video or audio will achieve the same or even better results.

I have seen a lot of crappy website online selling anything and everything from “FAKE VOMIT” to “DOGGY HAIR PIECES” that I’m sure would look far better on their original owners.

I’ve also seen a lot of low maintenance no fancy graphics websites that get very little traffic, but are still making daily sales.

And Finally, at the top end of the spectrum, I’ve seen the so called “BIG DOGS” websites.

That people spend thousands of dollars per month on getting “TRAFFIC” and they usually have top quality products to sell to you.

But, believe it or not these web sites are the ones that struggle the most when it comes to making a sale.

So you can clearly see that having a great product or service and thousands of visitors coming to you’re website everyday is not enough without a great “SALES LETTER

“Here’s another way of looking at it.”  

If you have a web site that gets only 10 visitors a day, and it has great sales copy. targeted traffic, and a good look and feel about it.

You’re web site will still have a conversion rate of 1 or 2%.

Now I don’t know what you plan to sell on you’re website, but let’s assume that you’re product cost just 10 dollars.

10 visitors a day x days in month = 30  Conversion Rate of 2% = 2 Sales a day   Product cost $10 each 2 sales a day = 20 x 30 = $600 in Total sales per month.

Math’s has never been one of my favourite subjects. But you can see, from my example how much better your profit margins will be with the help of a kick ass salesletter.

Compare that 2% conversion rate with “Joe BLoGS” who gets a 1000 visit per day to his website, spends all of his time and money on expensive advertising and still can’t make a cent.

All because he fails to realize that he has a crappy sales page.

I do hope you are not one of those people who gets 1000 of visitors per day to their website with little or “WORSE” no conversions at all.

This is a terrible situation for you to be in . But at least you now know the reason why you can’t make any sales.

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