Why You Need To Learn How To Write Sales Copy


It is a hidden secret, but it is also a well known fact in the Online Marketing industry, that you will make next to nothing from your website unless you have great sales copy  written on every page.

Consider this, a good to average copy writer can sell a crappy product but, you will have difficulty in selling your outstanding product or service if you’re website has bad sales copy on it.

How Can I Write If English is Not My First Language?

Now I know just from reading some of the comments on my blog, that English is not the native tongue for quite a few of you.So learning how to write properly in English will be difficult, but not impossible.

Occasionally I get people trying to link to my blog with a website written in a foreign language, but I can still read and understand what their website is about by using Google’s translator service.

So if you are finding it a struggle to write your web pages in English…

…then my advice to you is to write your content in your native tongue, and then go to Yahoo Babel Fish  and use their translation service to convert your pages in to English.

I realise that this is not a complete solution to your problems because there are going to be a lot of languages that Yahoo Babel Fish will not be able to translate at this moment in time, but in the future who knows.

“OK,That your language problem done and dusted”

What I want to talk to you about now is relationships and the important part that it plays in helping you write  great sales copy that will keep your customers buying from you for years to come.  Here’s what you need to remember.

No relationship = no trust = No Sales = 0 Profits

From my little formula above, you can see what happens when there is no relationship between yourself, and the person that you are trying to convince to buy something from you.

 “Not a pretty statistic to look at is it

If you really think about it, why this is happening to you is easy to explain. Generally speaking, people usually only buy from people that they trust, they don’t buy from strangers, they don’t buy from nobodies, they buy from people who they have a relationship with…

 which, unfortunately is not YOU!

Using basic sales copy techniques such as…

1)Having a strong headline
2)Having lots of benefits
3)Having lots of testimonials
4)Having a money back guarantee

will help you gain that trust, but to really separate yourself from the crowd, you must go beyond these 4 techniques and really care about your customers.

You must Communicate with then on a regular basis, help them and educate them, do anything that will build up the trust between you and them.

Relationship building is only the first step, and in future posts I will show you the other steps, but for now just remember that the stronger the relationship is between you and your customers, the easier it becomes to get them to do what you want.


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