Are You Just A Friendly Blogger Or Internet Marketer?


I already know what I am. An  Affiliate Marketer, who just happens to blog at this moment in time.  And if in the future.internet marketing image

Some better way of making money online. Comes along that I like. You can bet your sweet life. That I will jump all over it in a heartbeat.

I am what you would call. A natural Business Opportunity Seeker.

How about you?

I had to ask you that question because of some of the articles that I’ve read from other bloggers. On the subject of Internet Marketing.

It seems to me that some of them. Are trying to re-write the rules of Online Marketing as we know it. By starting a rebellion against Internet Marketing itself.

They have declared themselves as the new rulers of the Internet. Where virtually all forms of advertising on your website is frowned upon.

According to them. Squeeze pages, sales pages, and pop-ups. Are the work of the devil. And should be banished forever.

They also are very reluctant to admit, what their true motives are.

Instead… they will tell you that they are the best friend that you never had. And all they’re interested in is helping you succeed.

“Yeah Right”

If you are already…or maybe your thinking about. Becoming one of these new breed of male bloggers. Then what I’m about to tell you will hurt.


Blogging. With the purpose of making money online,  makes you an Internet Marketer by default. No matter how hard you try to disguise it.

And the sooner you recognize, and accept this fact.

The better of  you will be.

Sure you can call yourself an Attraction Marketer, Content Curator,  Relationship Marketer. Or hide behind some other fancy buzz word title,  if you wish.

But you and I both know. That in the end,  it all comes down to one thing.


Your website has to make money, otherwise it won’t survive. The new breed of Bloggers seem to forget this.

All they keep telling you is. “Write Quality Content and concentrate on making friends first with visitors to your blog.”

Facebook and Amplify is my answer to that piece of bad advice.

I’m sure that you are already aware of  how successful Facebook is. But it wasn’t always that way.

The original vision of  Mark Zuckerburg, was to use the site as a way of contacting all of his Geeky Harvard friends.

Well…fast forward a few years later,  and look at what Facebook has now become.

Compare that to the story of Amplify.

A very popular website, that I was using as recently as 2011. In my opinion, the reason why Amplify failed…was because it had a very poor business model to begin with.

Unfortunately for them. They spent far too much of their time providing a great Free service and being friendly. And not enough time on the business side of things.

Facebook did not end up the same way as Amplify. Because Mark Zuckerburg or somebody closely connected to him.

Quickly realized that running a popular website. That is mainly devoted to  friends and well wishers.

Is a sure fire way to  becoming broke fast. You need to learn from the mistakes made by Amplify.

And remember that. Creating original content for your blog is a requirement. Making fake friends online is not.

If you continue on your path of making friends first. And putting business second. All you will do is attract a lot of  junk traffic to your website.

Instead of the targeted traffic that it needs to survive…

…So do you agree with me or not?

Tell me what you think by leaving your comments below. And please don’t forget to share this post with your friends.










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14 Responses to “Are You Just A Friendly Blogger Or Internet Marketer?”

  1. Emilia says:

    I have always believed in striking a good balance between both, I’m highly sociable when I’m not on the job but on the other hand affiliate marketing is also about establishing good rapport with customers. Thanks!

  2. Kristine says:

    I am admittedly an internet marketer and initially, my driving force were my friends who introduced me to their friends too. I think its all about being able to successfully strike a good balance between the two. Thanks!

    • paul profitt says:

      One of the points that I was trying to make in this article. Was that you should never be ashamed to call yourself an Internet Marketer,and say that your business is to make money.I know that most bloggers are not comfortable stating this fact. That is why I call them Friendly Bloggers. Thanks for leaving your comment Kristine

  3. Joy says:

    I think I can classify myself as someone who likes making friends but is more driven to succeed first and foremost. Thanks for sharing, this is a really good article.

  4. Dipa says:

    Being new to this field, I am learning on a daily basis. thanks to this post I learned about Amplify. And yes, I do agree and have learned the hard way that junk traffic is not the way to survival in this over populated Blogging and IM world. Thanks for the insightful share.

  5. Abhishek says:

    i think over a period of time when you blog you end up making friends even though you dont do it consciously…its not of 100% informal relation, its more of a friendly business like relation that you develop with people in your niche and other niche as well.

  6. Richa says:

    This is a great post. Friends are always good to make, but first the concentration should be on work. A blogger should maintain a balance between the two. Business connections help more than making friends.

  7. Shalu Sharma says:

    I am bit of both. I also blog for personal satisfaction and at the same time also do affiliate marketing. Nice theme by the way.

  8. Elena Anne says:

    Well your article just hit me. I definitely agree with you! However, I think that it’s also important to make friends especially those who are in the same niche that you are into.

    • paul profitt says:

      Hi Elena. Thank you for leaving your comment. I think that it is more important to make good business connections with other people in your niche first. Rather than trying to make friends with them too quickly. Otherwise, there is a danger.That you could come across as someone who is desperate.

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