Are You Ready To Start A Blog?


Starting your first Internet business using a blog is a great idea. Especially when you consider the start up costs, which are virtually zero.        

Having your own blog gives you the opportunity to ramble on about anything that takes your fancy, And if you’re lucky.

Your ramblings could end up being seen and read by millions of others.

Thanks to today’s technology you do not even have to write the content for your blog, it can all be done automatically. Blogging is fun,easy to do, and best of all its “FREE”

“OK, its time for me to give you a reality check.”

Running your own blog is not as easy as I’m trying to make it sound. some work is required. Sometimes a lot of work.

You can forget all that crap about blogging only 2 hours a day, “or is it only 2 hours a week to making a hundred grand a year.


Actually, it is possible to earn the sum that I’ve just mentioned above, doing only 2 hours a day blogging.


But for you to acheive this, your blog has to hit critical mass.


“What does critical mass  mean?


Basically it means that your blog has grown so much that it is almost beyond your control.

Critical mass means that your blog has become so popular, you no longer have to pay for any advertising cost.

You no longer have to check on a daily basis. How many people are visiting your web site, because you know that your traffic is guaranteed.  

And finally, you don’t have to worry, or wonder about.

If your website is making you money,

because you know that it is

If your lucky, you’re blog can snowball by accident, but in most cases it will require some hard work by yourself.

So, if after reading this.

You still fancy blogging your way to a fortune.  

My advice to you is to treat it like a Business right from the start.

Don’t fall into the mindset of 95% of bloggers online.

Who only see it as a hobby. Taking that approach is a sure fire way to ultimate failure.

Just because you can blog for FREE.

It doesn’t mean that you should be un-professional.

I use a fREE blogging service provided by Google called Blogspot.

Which I highly recommend that you use if you are just starting out online.

You can get advice on how to get the best from this wonderful service by simply visiting and watching a few videos. is another popular “PAID” blogging service that I use and love.

But it took me a number of years before I got the confidence and experience to blog consistently.

This is why I am recommending that you use a free blogging platform first.

You can make mistakes using a free service that will not cost anything to yourself except time.

I’m not saying that “TIME” is not important.      Of course it is.

“It is probably the one thing that everybody in the world needs more of”


Speaking in monetary terms. I am pretty sure that you would rather lose time than money.  There is a old saying “patience is a virtue ”

You need to remember this when you start blogging.

Because it will take a lot of time to make your blog a success, and even longer before you see any real profits.

But, if you Focus your time and energy into making a blog built on quality rather than trickery. You will be rewarded in the end.

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6 Responses to “Are You Ready To Start A Blog?”

  1. Paul Profitt says:

    Hi Benjamin

    I try my best to manage my blog properly, and to keep it updated with good information. If you run a successful blog. Negative comments just goes with the territory.

  2. Hey! Remarkable website, I am just quite interested due to there is not any worthless feedback on your blog as there is on most blogs on the web today, so you’ve done a excellent job of managing your blog. Anyway, keep making interesting posts on your site and I’ll keep visiting 🙂 Many thanks, Benjamin.

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  4. Thanks for this post. Running a blog can be difficult and that is why you should take care and try to post every few days to keep visitors coming back. Allowing your users to interact on your blog is also a good thing, as it gets them more involved.

    • Paul Profitt says:

      Hello Friend

      Thank you for leaving a comment.

      In my opinion. It is the quality of your blog post, and not the quantity. That will be the deciding factor in whether or not your visitors. Come back to your site.

      I personally. Do not write a post every few days, as you recommend. I only write when I have something to say.

  5. I do agree that it requires a lot of work. The great thing about making a blog as a business is that it has limitless potentials, and there are so many ways that you can earn real money from it. though as I've said, it takes hard work to succeed, hard work that includes research and deep understanding of the niche you've chosen to work on, writing great contents to make readers' visit worthwhile, promotions for your site in order to get traffic and eventually convert those traffic in to sales 🙂

    Blogging doesn't necessarily needs a lot of financial investments, it just needs time to jumpstart it and in presenting it to a hungry market. Great post man, I enjoyed reading this.


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