Blog Websites-Is This The End Of Blogging?


You probably might have  not noticed it yet. But there has been a slow decline in blogging.

Some of the best, and most respected blogs. From people such as.

Jason Calacanis and Joel Spolsky. Have all but closed down for good.

Those once mighty and all conquering bloggers made the decision. To quit free blogging in favour of   paid subscription membership, and email marketing.

I know at this point, you are probably wondering.

Is it really worth starting a blog?

Should I do email marketing Instead?

If I’m a newbie, is it a blog or a newsletter?

“In some strange way. I am actually finding writing this post quite amusing”.

Because it was only a couple of years ago that many of the top Internet Marketers .

Wrongly believed that rss feeds were going to be the death of Email Marketing.

Anyway here are my thoughts on the “Blogging is Dead Debate“. That will hopefully help you to.

Finally make up your mind whether to start your own blog or not.

To Email Or Blog That Is The Question?

Or actually, it is not. Personally speaking, I believe that you should do both. My reasons for saying this are because.

It is a fact that building a solid subscriber base. Is the foundation of  a successful online business. So, email marketing is a must.

Social Networking is here to stay. So having your own personal platform to voice and share your views. Are equally important, and this is where your blog comes into play.

In my case, I started to build my list, long before I started my blog. This is because I am essentially a marketer first, and a writer second.

You will find that the majority of the top online marketers are the same.

If you are a lover of writing. Then you will be far more attracted to blog websites like HubPages.

However, If you do decide. To start your own blog, and incorporate email marketing and rss feeds into your marketing strategy.

You will definately see a sharp rise in readership and eventually sales.

Blogs Are Great For Branding

Unless you have a strong brand image, making the paid subscription business model work. Will be extremely difficult.

As someone who is just starting out.

You will need to build your brand, on web sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Mission Control

In the early days of blogging. There was strong held belief. That the only way to make blogging work. Was to post numerous times a week or month.

This led to a lot of spammy content by the then, blog owners. Who’s sites eventually got slapped hard by the Almighty Google.

At that stage, I was still using a one page static website. But I had already made up my mind. That if I ever did get around to starting my own blog.

I would make sure that it had a lot of juicy and useful content. That would be helpful to my readers.

My blog is mission control. It helps getting visitors to sign up for my news-letter. It helps me to build my brand, and trust with my subscribers.

If you read some of the hundreds of comments on this site, you will see that a lot of my readers, tell me how they discovered my blog.

This is a clear signal to me that my blog reach is growing everyday.

I also use the popular social networking sites, that i have just mentioned above, along side email marketing. To send people back to my blog.

What Is Your Preferred Business Model?

You need to answer this question, before you even begin starting a blog. Using my blog as a example. I heavily rely on Affiliate Marketing. As my main source of income.

My blog is still fairly new. So a paid subscription only service, is out of the question. At this moment in time.

However, email marketing is still the most important part of my marketing business.

“I never gave it much thought before.” But choosing to become a  full time blogger. Largely depends on your own personality.

Can you honestly see yourself answering hundreds of questions a year. From visitors to your web site?

Are you ready to learn new skills, like basic HTML and WordPress?

Remember that running a  successful blog is quite labour intensive, and taking care of your customers is very important.

You have to decide now. If your first love is for writing or Blogging.

These 2 choices might seem the same but they are not.

Blogging requires  you to learn new skills on a consistent basis. You have to stay up to date with all of the latest online technology news.

Writing by comparison is relatively easy. Especially if English is your first language.

Blogging is far from being Dead, and will still be a major force on the Internet. For many years to come.

So if you want to raise your online profile and business. My advice to you is to Start your blog today.

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One Response to “Blog Websites-Is This The End Of Blogging?”

  1. Paul Profitt says:

    Hi Adwello

    You are right when you say that bloggers can some times run out of inspiration. This usually happens when they pick a topic. That they know nothing about.

    You do have to immediately send a series of emails to all of your subscribers in Email Marketing.

    Although a lot of Affiliate Marketers will tell you that this is the best method of making money from your list.

    I am signed up to a lot of other news-letters by other marketers.

    And some of them email mail me 3 or 4 times a week. While others contact me 3 or 4 times a month

    Some of them like SiteSell as a example.

    Send me about 6 emails a "YEAR"

    The trick is, to tell all subscribers, who sign up to your list. What to expect
    and how often you will be contacting them.

    In your 1st or 2nd message to them.

    As for the spamming issue. You will always find some jealous and negative people who will call you a spammer.

    Even though you are not one.

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