Do You Bother Moderating Your Blog Comments?


Recently…I have developed a strange kind of love affair with social media, It has taken quite awhile for this to happen, but I am now totally hooked on the whole social sharing thing.  One of my favorite social networking sites at this moment in time is Linkedin.

Or to be more precise…Linkedin Groups.

Groups are nothing new. In fact, most of the popular social media websites have this feature. But in my experience… Some of the  people who run the groups. Allow way too much self promotion and spam comments.

Although to be fair to them. It may not be entirely their fault. As they are not the owners of the social media websites in question. And therefore cannot be held completely responsible for all of the comments posted.

Anyway…what I want to share with you involves a recent discussion post. That was made by one of the main contributors to the group, Bloggers Helping Bloggers.

Brenda. for the purpose of this article.  That is what I will call her asked…

How Important is “Moderating” Your Blog’s Comments?

Brenda asked this question because she is fortunate enough to not having to deal with any  spam on her blog since 2009.  And just in case you are wondering. Brenda uses BlogSpot as the platform to write all her blog posts on.

Brenda…as I told you before, is one of the main contributors to the Bloggers Helping Bloggers group. And being an active members means that she occassionally leaves comments on the blogs of the other members.

After reading 27 blogs, and leaving a comment on each one. Brenda discovers that only 8 of her comments were allowed to be posted immediately. While the other 19 were held in moderation.

“Is this paranoia or is it good management?”.  Brenda wonders.

As someone who has always believed in free speech…she is amazed to find that so many bloggers choose to moderate their comments.  Brenda prefers to leave comments unmoderated on her blog.

Because she believes that.

” People like to have immediate gratification and they are more likely to comment if they know that it will not be 24 hours before it can be seen”.

As far as Brenda is concerned, any comment which creates dialogue and interaction is a good thing in her book.

Needless for me to say that…I didn’t agree with her point of view. And my response to Brenda’s  comments went something like this.

“I will always moderate all of my blog comments. because I am an Affiliate Marketer first and a blogger second. So It is far more important to me. That people who visit my blog take some sort of positive action.

Such as…

signing up to one of my news-letters, share my blog posts, or follow some of my recommendations to the point of sale. Rather than just leaving pointless and not on topic spam comments.

Whenever someone leaves a comment on your blog it should always add value to what you have written, otherwise it is worthless in SEO terms.”

Brenda was still sticking to her guns and she replied…

I don’t think we can assume that every comment that is not “on topic” (and that’s a subjective decision) is pointless and/or is spam. In the same way that different people have different reasons for blogging, folks also have different philosophies about making comments.

I personally believe that a comment is like a calling card. You leave a comment as a “footprint” that shows that you visited the blog and appreciated the thought and time that the blogger put into the post.

I never understand friends who tell me how much they enjoyed a particular post (and can sometimes quote from it) but never bothered to leave a comment.

I see a blog as a conversation. Just as this Linkedin discussion is a conversation. The people who leave comments on my blog sometimes comment on each other’s comments.

They sometimes disagree with each other. In other words, they are involved in a discussion. I sometimes find the comment string more interesting and fun to read than my original post.

I wasn’t finished yet.. and my reply to Brenda was.

I have seen many websites and blogs, go out of business because they concentrated on making friends first. Why do you think that FACEBOOK which started out as just a way that Mark Zuckerberg could contact all of his geeky friends at Harvard University.

Are now following tried and tested Internet Marketing methods?

He has realized that being popular comes at a price. That is the main reason why Facebook is forever making rule changes.

One of the biggest ones being Fanpages. A few months ago they were more than willing to host yours for free, with all of the bells and whistles intact.

Now they want you to host Fanpages on your own web hosting servers WHY?

Because it was costing them money.

If there were only one bit of advice that I could give to anyone who is interested in starting a blog, and is reading this. It would be to use a free blogging platform like Linkedin. To make friends and leave any unrelated comments on.

But once you have made up your mind to start paying for.your own domain and hosting. You need to put your business head on fast. And focus on getting targeted traffic only.

A Never Ending Discussion…

What you have just read is just a condensed version of the original discussion posted by Brenda. A lot of other group members were involved in the debate.  I would like to think that I won the battle in the end. But what do you think?  Tell me by leaving your comments below.

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10 Responses to “Do You Bother Moderating Your Blog Comments?”

  1. Abhishek says:

    It is very important to look at every comment before publishing it to avoid spam comments. It take a bit of time and effort but really worth it. Thanks for the share.

  2. Aayna says:

    A very relevant share. Quite a debate like scene has emerged into the picture post this share. In my opinion, moderating the comments is a vital exercise to be done by the blogger as you can never shun away the spammers from posting something absurd in the form of comments.

  3. Emilia says:

    My point exactly. Investing time on moderating comments are clearly some of the good points that a typical blogger sometimes overlook. Thanks for this post, very interesting!

  4. Fatima says:

    Content Moderation is important to avoid spam on your blog otherwise i would love to welcome all kinds of comments on my blog. Thanks for sharing your view point.

  5. dipa says:

    Comment moderation is definitely a must- one can immediately see and understand the spam comments immediately. My blog gets a great deal of comments which assure me that my seo is not up to par-and how great a blogger i am. These definitely need moderation and do not add value to the discussion.

  6. Richa says:

    Moderating comments is important as there are lot of spam comments that are there. That is indeed an endless discussion. Thanks for the share.

  7. Kristine says:

    Anyone who genuinely cares about reputation and credibility should consider spending a good amount of time to moderate comments. Thanks for informing us about your own stand on the matter.

  8. Joy says:

    I completely agree with your stand on comment moderation and I am looking at this issue precisely the same way. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Though I have less spam since I installed commentLuv premium, I still go through the spam folder if there is any comment to check! One should do that!

  10. Owais Haleem says:

    I always try to see the comments.Very interesting post.This is something to which generally many bloggers didn’t give much importance but you have given me a very important guideline today .Thanks a lot 🙂

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