How Often Do You Backup Your Blog?


If your blog is your business… and not just a hobby. Then you simply must back it up on a regular basis  Luckily… WordPress blogs are designed to make jobs like backing up very easy.

You can of course…choose to backup your files manually. But why bother when you have so many fantastic plugins that can do this for you automatically.

However. There is one important thing that you should be aware of. WordPress has two different parts it needs to restore from a backup. There is the database, and there is also the site contents.

Not knowing this can have serious repercussions for your website. Imagine backing up your blog for months. Thinking that you have everything saved and secure. Only to discover that you haven’t. What a kick in the nuts that would be. All of your valuable back-up work wasted.

Simply backing up your content is not enough. Simply backing up your database is not enough. The type of WordPress plugin that you need should be one that fits the following criteria.

  • Backup the entire blog, meaning the database AND the site itself (not just one or other)
  • Run automatic scheduled backups as well as immediate ones (VITAL),
  • Be stable and keep updated with the latest WP versions.
  • Have support from the author and/or a good forum (very important when you come to restoring your precious site and run into the inevitable techie-type problems.)
  • Require as little technical expertise and tweaking as possible. No setting up cron jobs, changing to 777, or FTPing, please.

Backup somewhere other than on the site, so that if the site goes down your backup isn’t taken with it.

A popular plugin that I had previously installed on this site. Was the WP Database back-up. It did a great job, but as the name suggest. It only backs-up the database and not my blog posts and pages.

To solve this problem. I had to go into the tools section of my blog and use the export  option. To download the files to my desktop. I still continue to do this today.

But I think.  That I may have discovered a near perfect plugin. That meets all of my needs and more.  It is called Blog Vault, and I installed it on this blog in March 2012. And so far… I have been very impressed.

The only problem for me and for you is…that we won’t really know how good or how bad.  Blog Vault or any  other wordpress plugin is  at backing up our web site. Until something goes terribly wrong. Being an Affiliate Marketer.  I hope that this will never happen. But in the back of my mind. I know there is more than a 50% chance that it will.

For further information about backing up your blog. Please visit here



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5 Responses to “How Often Do You Backup Your Blog?”

  1. Adrienne says:

    Hey Paul,

    Yeah, people don’t realize how important this is until something happens. Knock on wood, nothing has ever happened to my blog either but I am covered if it should.

    I don’t use that plug-in because I back everything up from my cPanel which was recommended to me from an IT friend some time back. Everything is there, I put it on my external hard drive and I’m good to go just in case. I may lose some comments along the way but such is life.

    Glad you found a plug-in that will do it all. I’m sure it’s worth the money.


    • paul profitt says:

      Hi Adrienne

      I am absolutely paranoid about backing up my important stuff. I also have an external hard drive. But I hardly ever use it now because.

      If you are unfortunate enough, to have your house broken into. The thieves can nick your hard drive along with your PC, Laptop, and everything else.

  2. Aayna says:

    Backup of the blog is always the best thing to do. WordPress seems to be a lucid method for doing the backup task of the blog. The blog Vault Plugin is a very helpful tool. Thanks for sharing this valuable insight.

  3. Richa says:

    Thanks for this great insight. Backing the blog with WordPress is an easy task. It is always better to be on the safer side. The Blog vault plugin looks pretty useful.

  4. Dipa says:

    Scary thought! The Blog Vault plug in sounds very good. It is sure to help several IMs and bloggers. I will spread the word about it. Thanks for the insight!

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