Should I Start A Blog On Affiliate Marketing?


Today I was just just randomly surfing the Internet. Looking for some new make money online blogs. To comment on. When I found an  old blog post by Darren Rowse.

Who is the owner of one of the most popular blogs online, In his post. He warns newbies about starting a blog in the make money online niche.

To quote from Darren’s post directly he says.

“The problem is that the ‘make money online’ niche is crowded, there are already many established blogs, to be successful in it you need credibility and runs on the board (or a unique approach to it) and it really has a limited audience when compared to many other niches.”

Did you notice that Darren wrote that post over 4 years ago. “Imagine that, I am in the wrong niche.” Why didn’t I listen to his advice?

Actually Darren’s blog post is…

Not where I first read that the make money online niche is over saturated. I knew that from the day that I decided to start my own blog.

But I thought, I could bring something different to the table. And I still do.

Sure there are hundreds of make money online blogs and web sites out there. But a lot of the information written on them is out of date crap and scams.

Let me just state that Problogger is not one of them. I highly rate and respect the work that Darren Rowse has done on his blog to date.

However. I do slightly disagree with him about this niche being overcrowded. When he wrote that post. It was before the sudden and spectacular rise of social media marketing, video marketing, mobile phone marketing, and even blogging.

There will always be. In my opinion. Room for more quality information on the Internet. Regardless of the niche. Your story is your story. So it will be always different from everybody else’s. This is where the unique angle comes in.

I agree with Darren when he says that there are far easier niches than Internet Marketing to start your first blog on.Part of me wishes that I had chosen a different niche.

But I just love learning, reading,watching, and writing about Internet business related topics.

So to me I have found my perfect niche. I can see myself writing on this topic for many years to come. YES! it is a constant roller coaster ride.

In terms of getting enough traffic and gaining trust. But if you are committed and determined enough. You will eventually find your own loyal followers. Who will help you to grow your business

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3 Responses to “Should I Start A Blog On Affiliate Marketing?”

  1. Okto says:

    Great post. It’s true on what you said that uniqueness will always come when it delivered from our own voice, no matter how saturated the niche is.

  2. paul profitt says:

    Hello Friend

    Thanks for commenting

    Affiliate Marketing is a niche. It is very competitive like you say. But it can still be very rewarding. If you are prepared to work at it.

  3. future android phones says:

    Target micro niche when starting affiliate market business, it’s much more feasible and less competitive.

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