A Quick Way To Earn Money Online


If you have been interested in learning how to start a work at home Internet business for any length of time, then you probably have a fair idea how Internet Marketing works.

You can sell you’re own product or service and pay affiliates to promote you’re online business for you.

Or you can become an affiliate yourself and earn a commission by promoting other people’s products.

What I want to show you in this blog post are three of the most common methods of making money online.

After reading it you should have a clearer understanding of what course of action you need to take to get you’re own business up and running.

What are the three main methods that are on everyone’s lips?

1.Affiliate Marketing: (A personal favourite of mine) in theory, this is very easy, all you have to do is send traffic to the web site that you joined as an affiliate, and earn a commission every time somebody buys a product or service via you’re affiliate link.

2.Product Creation: Have you got you’re own product and service ready to sell online? If not, you can follow the route that most people take, which is to create you’re own digital product such as an ebook, software, or a membership site.

3.Resell Rights: “talk about saving you time,” you get a pre written salesletter,graphics, and a download page.  All you have to do is purchase the rights to whatever product you are interested in selling.

These are three great ways for you to start making money online, but I suppose the question you really want answered is…

What is the best method if you’re just starting out?

“DRUM ROLL please,”

The answer is all THREE!

Why limited yourself to just creating products, selling resell rights, and promoting other people’s products.
What you really need is a plan that will make you a fair amount of cash quickly. But not forgetting that you’re ultimate goal is to develop you’re simple idea into a fully fledged business that will earn you a size-able yearly income.

As much as I would love you to start you’re business empire with Affiliate Marketing. I realize that this method might be just a tad to slow for you, because it will take you TIME to generate the sort of traffic that you need to earn a full time income.

To speed up the process, you could consider paying for you’re traffic, but unless you know what you’re doing it will be very expensive.

Here’s the master plan to making quick cash that you can inject back into you’re business and watch it grow.

1.Grab yourself a couple of low cost resell rights products ($10 – $30). It would be even better for you if you could obtain PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS because it will allow you to modify the content and add your own affiliate links.

2.As you are a relative newcomer,It would be advisable to consider paying you’re affiliates 100% commission to promote your product or service for you. This will encourage them to send vast amounts of traffic to you’re web site and build your list.

3.Once you’ve established who the buyers are on your list, focus you’re efforts on selling them high quality affiliate products that you truly believe will help you’re subscribers succeed.

4.If you have taken the above 3 steps, then you should be “SMOKING HOT” and ready to implement the final stage. Take a chunk of you’re profits and re-invest it for exclusive rights, you can charge more for exclusive rights to quality products.

Another option is to create your own product and brand yourself as an expert, which will gain you the respect and trust of you’re customers.
You can easily expand on this business model by adding an opt-in box, squeeze page, etc. Not forgetting of course, the almost now obligatory up-sell, down-sell or one time offer.

Marketing techniques and strategies come and go, but you’re main objective should always be the same. Surrender you’re short term profits, and get your customers to build you’re list.

This will allow you to continuously make money on the back end. Once you have set this system into motion, it becomes almost impossible to stop and you will truly have a 24hrs a day 7 days a week work at home Internet business. That will keep churning out cash like clockwork.


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  1. Khris Miller says:

    owning a couple of blogs and websites and monetizing them with adsense or adbrite is a good way to Work at home. you can also answer paid surveys but most of them are scam sites.

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