Affiliate Marketing Scams And You


One of the first things that you have to overcome if you want to succeed in Affiliate Marketing, is the fear of being scammed.

You have to believe that it works, and in time it will eventually free you from you’re current financial situation.

I’m not trying to scare you

but I just want to give you some idea of the determination you must possess if you want to run you’re own  profitable online business.

If you truly believe, then you have won 90% of the battle and the other 10% that you need to learn won’t worry you at all.

Just in case you were wondering, I have been scammed before.

So I do know that horrible feeling that grips you in you’re gut when you realize what has just happened. “I know that I felt like a proper MUG and I was very “ANGRY” My initial reaction was to scream to myself that


“Affiliate Marketing is a scam”


Eventually I did calm down and I just put it down to one bad experience. What’s important for you to remember is…


“At no point did I consider giving up”


In Affiliate Marketing there is always a chance of you being scammed. I’m sure you’ve heard of the now infamous Ponzi Scam or Pyramid Scam.


Millions of people all over the world have lost their life savings on these type of schemes. Unfortunately the bad publicity that followed has made people wary of anything that sounds like a Ponzi scheme and Affiliate Marketing or MLM (Multi Level Marketing) falls into this category.

When you also take into consideration the sheer amount of “GET RICH QUICK SCAMS” type of websites that there are online. You can easily see how you can become a victim.

I will let you into a little secret, I have had more than one bad experience online since I’ve been involved in Affiliate Marketing.

I have purchased products that have turned out to be useless and I have purchased products that have promised me life time upgrades and then have suddenly disappeared without any explanation given to me.

As a matter of fact just before writing this post, I was dissatisfied with a product that I had just purchased but never received, This problem has since been resolved.

The point that I am making to you is that…


Affiliate Marketing can be quite daunting (especially when you’re first starting out)

You just don’t know who’s  advice to follow  but, essentially the majority of people involved in it really do want you to succeed and are generally trustworthy.

Having bad experiences, being ripped off or scammed just goes with the territory I’m afraid. If you are genuinely concerned about any of these potential problems then my advice to you would be to stay well clear of Affiliate Marketing.

You can minimise the risk of a scam happening to you by doing the standard things like checking for contact details of the person who’s web site you’ve just visited,and by keeping all of your receipts from every purchase that you make online.

If you make a purchase through Paypal or Clickbank you will usually see the contact details of the person you’ve just brought from, and you are,  in most cases protected by a minimum 30 day money back there really is nothing for you to worry about.

Statistically the chances of you being scammed online are  probably lower than 10% out 0f 100  “I don’t know about you but I will take those odds all day long”


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