How To Lower Your Bounce Rate

It has been often said by many Affiliate Marketers, that the key to having a successful online business is driving a lot of targeted real visitors to your website.But, If you just happen to be starting out online. Then you will find this task almost impossible.

And thats only part of your problem because, as hard as it is to get visitors to you’re website. It is even harder to get them to stay there.

Bounce rate is a measurement of how long visitors are staying on your web pages,

Get Google Analytics

To truly understand bounce rate you will need to have installed Google Analytics on your web site.

Once you have done this, you will have an amazing amount of statistical information at your finger tips which will enable you to better understand your customer needs.

“Now, lets move on to lowering your bounce rate.”

Related Content

Probably the most important thing you must have, “In fact, I will go even further and say…

“CONTENT” is the number one thing that must always be present on your website.”

Your own originally written informative content is far and away the best method of keeping low bounce rates…

But if writing something for yourself totally freaks you out.

You can always stick a couple of fREE articles on to your web site from Ezine or Go

Note: If you decide to follow this route, make sure that the writer of the article is given full credit for their work.

Using the search engines is how most people will find your web site. If you’re site does not match what they are searching for.

“BAM” they’re gone, and you’ve just lost another potential long term customer…

and received your first high bounce.

Now, just imagine. That the same thing happens 1000’s of times a day on your web site.

You will have a 100% Bounce Rate. Which is not a very good thing to look at.

You can prevent this occurrence from happening by simply doing basic KEYWORD RESEARCH first before you write anything  on your website.

“Ok, now that you understand the relationship between good original content and lower bounce rates.”

Lets move on to the next stage which is your “LANDING PAGES”

It is no good having great content on your site that nobody else can see.

“How does this happen, I hear you ask?”

This can happen when you send all of your traffic to the main domain name only.

Let’s say,(for example) your website is about oranges, and your domain is www.oranges. com

You would rightly start telling your friends,family, and everybody else about your brand new website.

In the beginning sending all of your visitors to the main domain will be ok.

But, as you begin to produce more content. Your website becomes larger. This means that there will be more web pages for your visitors to look at.

The only thing is,  that they won’t be able to see it.

Because, You keep sending them to  www. oranges .com

instead of www. oranges. com/Spanish-oranges  or

www. oranges .com/navel-oranges

Don’t expect your visitors to go looking for your web pages about

Tangerines,Satsumas, and the multitude of different variations of oranges that you have written about.

Remember that visitors to your web site are usually in a hurry. They want to see the information that they are looking for instantly.

They do not want to click on 3 different links to get to their destination, and they definitely will not want to scroll down a very long web page.

You see. Your average visitor is not only in a hurry they are also very lazy.”

So, always send them to the web page that is the closest match to their search enquiry.

Quality Traffic Sources

There are three different traffic sources that you should be concerned with. Search,Direct,and Referred.

I think that you already know enough about how search engines work…

So, I will concentrate on the other 2 types. Direct Traffic and Referred Traffic.

Both of these are easy enough  to understand.

Direct traffic is from visitors who found your web site via a bookmark or they typed in your web address directly into their browser.

Referred traffic is from visitors who found your web site after visiting another site.

Ideally you want a mixture of all three.

Never rely on one traffic source only.

Your overall bounce rate will always go up and down. That is just the nature of the Internet and the way people  use it.

But you can easily keep your bounce rate around the 70% mark providing that you…

1) Do Your keyword researchfirst before you write

2) Write informative and original content

3) Get your traffic from quality sources

4) Send all visitors to the correct landing pages on your web site.

There are some variables that you can never control.

Such as the fact that most of your traffic will always go to the home page of your website.

The reason for this is because your domain name is usually the easiest to remember, and your visitors. Will  nearly always choose what they consider to be the quickest route to your web site.

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