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Have you ever heard of a product called “Affiliate Profit Guard” or how about “Keyword Elite?”  Let me just state for the  record that their is nothing wrong with either product.

But,I have had problems with them and a few other products, that I’ve purchased online in the past.

You see, I have a number of email addresses, and I often forget, which email address is the right login for whatever product that I have just brought.

This is not usually a major problem because I have Robo Form installed on my computer, to save all of my important password details.

However, there is one thing that you or I have very little defence from.

It happens when the original product owner decides to sell their company to someone else.

Now just imagine.

That this happens 2 or 3 years after you purchased the product.

If your lucky, you might just get a email from the original company owner.

Announcing that he or she is about to hand over ownership of their flagship product to John Smith or Jane Smith.

Providing that you have.

1)Signed up to their newsletter

2)Made sure that they have your real email address

3)Kept your email address for a number of years

You should be alright but…

…If you are anything like me, then one of the above points has, or will catch you out. Especially if you buy a lot of  software products online.

I don’t usually sign up to the news letter of the product that I’ve just purchased.


I do sign up to a lot of other Affiliate Marketers news letter owners.

Who are the ones that recommend most of the products that I buy online.

This is where my problems begin because, I have changed my (ISP) Internet Service Provider at least 4 times in the last 6 years.

So all of my passwords associated with that particular email address then become null and void.

RoboForm: Learn more...

 Which means that I can’t receive any important updates regarding my purchased products.

You might think, “this is something that will never happen to me.”

And you are probably right.

If you have no intention of ever buying anything online.

Then I’m sure that you won’t be to bothered about missing out on any upgrades.

But if you plan on building your own online business.

Then you will eventually need to invest in more expensive purchases…

…and also protect those purchases as much as you can from any unforeseen circumstances.

So if you want to avoid having the same problems as me,  my advice to you is simple really.

Before buying  anything online make sure that you .

  • Have a web email address like Gmail or Yahoo for all of your online transactions.


  • Keep all of your email receipts, and put them into a special file or folder


  • Keep your business email address and the one that you use for friends and family “SEPERATE”

 You will also need to be aware that any product that you buy online, can suddenly be discontinued without warning.

I have had this happen to me on a couple of occasions. and it can be very frustrating, especially when you are still trying to figure out exactly how the product works.


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