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I buy a lot of Affiliate Products.  As far as I’m concerned. Owning a few vital Affiliate Products is.

Absolutely necessary. For your long term success in Online Marketing.

“Sorry to break this news to you. If you thought you could make your fortune online. Without spending any money.”

Apart from the revelation above.

Another big problem that you will face. If you stay around long enough in Affiliate marketing is.

Just the sheer amount of promotional offers sent to you by other Affiliate Marketers. I personally haven’t got to much of a problem with this.

After all, I am interested in Affiliate Marketing.

So it is totally expected. And understood by me.That I will receive a lot of email messages about various Affiliate Products and services.

I can honestly say that. Out of the many purchases. That I’ve made online over the years.

There have not been many occasions where I have asked for a full refund.

But, I think all of that is about to change.

In light of a couple of recent purchases that I’ve made. And lets just say that. I have been less than happy with.

My main problem…

is with the marketer who recommended these products to me. In the first place.

This was a marketer, who until today.

I had some respect for. But it now appears that he has switched over to the dark side of Affiliate Marketing. That makes him in my eyes.

A bad Affiliate Marketer.

Who has pushed me to the verge of asking for my money back.


Of his lack of  knowledge. Regarding the Affiliate Products. That he recommended to me.

He failed to spot the obvious flaws in each one of the products. Which indicates to me. That he hadn’t tried or purchased the products himself.

“This is something that you should never do, by the way.”


There are better ways of promoting products and services. That you have neither brought or tried.

The best method of doing this is by advertising.

Using my own blog as an example.

You will see a advertisement if you scroll down to  the bottom of this page.

I also sometimes use Google Ads on a few of my blog posts and pages.

By using advertising in this way.

I am  hopefully making it clear to you. What my personal recommendations are. (Which are the links coloured in blue in my written text)

And what the ads are.

So in closing this article, remember that.

1)Buying cheap products are risky

2)Generally speaking. The more you pay. The better the customer service.

3)Always buy Affiliate Products that have long term value to yourself.

To be more specific  regarding cheap products. I am talking about buying anything under $40 dollars.

These are the type of offers that are flooding my email inbox everyday. At this moment in time.

I’m not saying that you can’t find excellent products. In this price range. But just be careful.


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