Web Hosting-How Much Does It Really Cost?


If you want a online home business.Then you will need to invest in 3 things.

A domain name, web hosting account and an auto-responder.

This is just my opinion of course. But you have probably seen enough     business related web sites to know that. What I am telling you is true.

There are other costs associated with running a successful Internet Online Business. But the 3 that I have mentioned above are the absolute essential purchases. That you must have.

The cost to you will be relatively cheap by Europe or North American standards. Roughly about £240  a year.

To cover your Domain, Web Hosting and Auto-responder.

“Please don’t  go into a complete melt down over this small business investment”.

After all you are starting a new online home business.

So spending this amount of money is nothing. Especially when you compare it to starting a of line bricks and mortar business.


You can buy a domain for less than £10  a year. (hardly breaking the bank) and you usually get a 35 day grace period to renew it.

What this means in simple terms is. That if you find yourself struggling to pay for your domain on the date due.

You still will have approximately 35 days to find the money. Before your domain is put up for sale.

The main thing that you need to remember whenever you get a web hosting or auto-responder invoice for payment is.


You have far more paying options available to you. Than you realize.

I use Hostgator for hosting this web site.  And what I really like about their service is its flexibility.

There is a payment plan to suit everybody. Starting from around £60 a year.

Most web hosting companies insist on you paying a full year in advance. But not Hostgator.

You can pay monthly, every 6 months, or every 12 months.

This means that you are able to tailor your payment plan to suit your budget at any point in the year.

And if money is really tight. You have a 10 day grace period. From the date you receive a invoice for payment. In which to pay your bill.

Hostgator also has excellent customer support.

Any questions that you need answering is replied too. In real time or within 24 hours .

So now that you know how cheap Small Business Web Hosting is. There is no excuse for not starting your online home business today. Leave a comment below please

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4 Responses to “Web Hosting-How Much Does It Really Cost?”

  1. Johnson says:

    Hosting, domain and autoresponder is a must have for every business owner. But i think the most essential is web hosting, as with it you will be able to install and work with other tool to successful and profitable business.

  2. Donatus says:

    For sure this is the three most important thing(hosting, domain, autoresponder) every business owner most invest online but web hosting is essential because once you get it, you will be able to get the remianing two at easy. i use hostgator they are really good and cheap as well as namecheap.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Andrew Corey says:

    Hi mate, you are good analysis here with real web hosting cost. Now I know where is go my hosting cost throughout reading the content. Thanks!

  4. Mike says:

    Yes, HostGator offers a good hosting service for online home businesses and a few days ago, they offer 50% off their hosting packages during Black Friday holiday promotion. One can look around to see hosting coupons for hostgator.

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