Why I Hate Affiliate Links


“First things first.” I just want to apologize to you. If you are somebody, who is a subscriber to one of my newsletters.

I also want to apologize to you if you have visited my blog before, and have been unable to link to some of my  recommendations to other websites.

All I can say is. That all of the links were working fine when I originally placed them in my email messages to you, and on my blog pages.

This is, I’m afraid to say. Just one of the many potential problems you will face if you are  involved in Affiliate Marketing.

Another one is. Affiliate link re-direction to a unrelated product. I really hate this when it happens because, it makes me look like a total amateur. Or worst yet, a scam artist.

I can assure you that.

I always take great care in making sure that my emails and blog posts are related to the product or service in question.

So when somebody that I have grown to trust. Starts sending my visitors to a unrelated page.

 It really gets under my skin.

Unfortunately for me and you. There is very little that we can do about it.

Apart from. Stop recommending the product or service in question.

I have to tell you that…

If I were starting this blog all over again from scratch.

I would definitely not choose Affiliate Marketing as my main niche.

I would probably go for something related to food.

Which has far more potential to make money, without most of the problems associated with Affiliate  marketing.

If I then decided that I wanted to join an affiliate program.

I would start out with Google Adsense and a contextual advertising service like Kontera,Info-Links, or Clicksor.

This would make my Affiliate Program Management so much easier.

For a start. I would not have to write a blog post like this. Explaining to you. Why some of my links are not going where they’re suppose to.

What is also so great about choosing these particular Affiliate Programs.

Is that you can easily replace them with something else.

If you should suddenly run in to any problems.

I know that I have been bitching to you in this article. about.

Why I hate affiliate links.

But in all fairness to the honest affiliate program owners out there.

And YES!. I know that you are many.

It is not really you’re  fault.

In actual fact most of the blame lies with me because.

I forgot one of the golden rules of  Affiliate Marketing.

Which is.  To make your own  products first, and then. Get other people to promote them online for you.

After all…

isn’t that really what Affiliate marketing is about?

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One Response to “Why I Hate Affiliate Links”

  1. Paul Profitt says:

    Which answer was the best? You only had 3 to choose from.

    You claim to be such a expert in Affiliate Marketing but you haven't got your own website set up yet!

    I wonder why?

    You also don't seem to want anybody to know your real name.

    I don't know of any top Affiliate Marketer who does not self promote themselves at every opportunity.

    You had a chance to do so here. But instead your link leads to a empty profile page on Intense Debate.

    And what I find really funny about you is that you're such a expert, who knows so much more than me, and yet…

    You found it so hard to choose a domain name. That you had to ask for help on Yahoo answers.

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