Why you need Affiliate Promo Formula


 How can you make money in Affiliate Marketing? This is a question that is always asked by many newbie online marketers. If you are just taking your first baby steps in to the world of online marketing.

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You might be already suffering from the condition known as “Information Overload.”

You are not alone. Anybody, who has been Involved in online marketing. For any length of time.

Has suffered from  Information overload at some stage.

What you need to understand is that. Affiliate Marketing is by definition contradictory.

You read one sales page that tells you to do PPC (Pay Per Click).

Then you read another that tells you PPC is old news, and you should use Facebook advertising instead.

Who should you believe?

There is no easy way to answer that question.

Because there are a variety of ways of making money on the Internet.

As far as Affiliate Marketing goes.

You need to focus on quality products. That offer value, and that will stand the test of time. This rule applies to buying products or services for yourself.

Or selling your own products to others.

Affiliate Promo Formula  fits in to this category perfectly.

A great product. At an affordable price.

Which will give you tons of information about Affiliate Marketing. That will probably never go out of date.

Why Should You Believe Me.

There are 3 big reasons. Why you should listen to what I have to say about Affiliate Promo Formula.

1) I have spent my own money, and added a couple of more zero’s to John Thornhills already bulging bank balance. By actually buying the product.

2) I have not jumped on the bandwagon. Like most of the clever and greedy Affiliate Marketers out there.

Who simply emailed their list on the launch day of this product, offered them a bonus product or two. And then simply. “Pocketed the cash and ran”

3) I have not written some crappy quick review about Affiliate Promo Formula. For the sole purpose, Of trying to make you part with your hard earned wonga.

My reasons for recommending this product to you is because.

I know the importantance of  finding the right product, at the right time.

At the right price.

I know,  that this is the crucial  point.  Where you decide. Whether or not, Affiliate Marketing is right for you.

So the last thing that I would do,  is  recommend a crap product. As your first purchase online.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying that  buying Affiliate Promo Formula  is going to make you rich overnight. Or even that it is a perfect product…

(There is no such thing as a perfect product, by the way)

However, It is a product that will get you started on a very firm footing.

Which is very important. Especially in Affiliate Marketing

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34 Responses to “Why you need Affiliate Promo Formula”

  1. Jaira Pascua says:

    Totally agreed! Affiliate marketing is not easy you have to work at it so that you will reap great results. In the process it’s hard but when you know how to plan a great strategy to market and reach to your target people then you will gain success in it.

  2. Kay says:

    I love some of the cool widgets on this site Paul! Affiliate marketing ain’t easy, and any product that will give you a solid foundation is a good one. Remember though folks, there is no such thing as push a button, work 0 hours, and make a million dollars….if there was, everyone would be millionaires….LOL

  3. Veronica says:

    Hi Paul, i agree with you about in order to succeed in affiliate marketing you have to be prepared to work at it and keep working at and test products. For me, it require full attention and dedication.

  4. Great article. The piece about finding quality products that offer value is spot on. I can’t stress how critical that has been to my OWN success. Another thing I love about this how you mention you won’t get rich over night! While this is most definitely true, you should never give up. A relentless pursuit of knowledge and improvement is what makes a good IMer.

    Thanks,Pat from CreateLiving

  5. Jeff says:

    Hey Paul, I caught your post here about affiliate marketing. I like many others found out from experience that it is not as easy as it looks!

    It’s not just email a link to a bunch of people and see who bites… There is real strategy involved.

    Looks like you got a very solid base with this product! Keep up the good work and can’t wait to follow your journey

  6. Tony says:

    Affiliate marketing has to be treated like a professional business. It take time patience and a lot of hard work to become successful.

    Thanks for the share,

  7. Christian says:

    To become successful in affiliate marketing, you must constantly tweak your funnel and sales page for the best converting results.

    Use the products for yourself and give an honest thorough review with the pros/cons.

    Your audience will love you for it.

  8. Hi Paul,

    I agree with you, Affiliate Promo Formula is a great product that won’t make anyone rich over night, but it teaches the basics of how to make money online with affiliate marketing in a way that is easy to understand for everyone.

    I bought a couple of John’s products in the past and I am currently involved in his Partnership to Success program. I like the way how he is teaching his stuff and you can feel that he is not just talking about it, but also himself doing it.


    • paul profitt says:

      Hi Torsten, thanks for leaving a comment.I purchased Affiliate Promo Formula when it first came out,and in my opinion. It is still right up there with most of the new Affiliate Training products of today.

  9. mohan says:

    Is this really gonna work!!! I what to earn from my blog using affiliate marketing. Though I have adsense I make little amounts.

  10. ian says:

    I agree with you last comment Paul to succeed in affiliate marketing you have to be prepared to work at it and keep on working at, Test the products you are marketing to your list etc. Not until then will you get any real results.

    Who said affiliate marketing was easy!

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