Can You Make Money With Kontera?


If you are planning on becoming a full time Affiliate Marketer any time soon. Then you need to be on the constant look out for different ways and methods to earning additional online income.

Pay per click affiliate programs should be of particular interest to you because all that is required is the installation of a simple script or, as in my case. A  wordpress plug-in.

Websites such as Kontera, Adsbrite, and Chitika give you a chance (providing that you own a website) to earn money from their contextual advertising service.

How Does Kontera Work?

Kontera is an In-Text advertising solution that automatically converts specific keywords on your website into monetized links.

Like Adsense, you’ll earn money according to both Cost-Per-Impression and Cost-per-Click. If you currently reside in the USA, Canada, or the UK, and have a content website.

You should not have any problem being granted membership into their program.

Is Kontera Right For You?

Before I wrote this article, I did quite a bit of research. Which mainly involved my reading of quite a few blog posts from other bloggers.

Based on this information, and my own personal experience. I would say that Kontera will be right for you providing that your website has. Regularly updated original content and it is focused on one topic.

People who use Kontera, often complain about their ads not being targeted enough. Once again, based on my own personal experience

I found that their ads were generally on the topic of my website.

Topic selection plays a big part on how much money you earn on Kontera. If your website is about a low quality subject.

Then you will earn less money.

Traffic is another factor. that comes into play. You can earn a lot of money from Kontera, on the sheer volume of traffic to your website alone.

However. If your website is in its very early stages. It is highly unlikely that it will get the amount of traffic that generates large amounts of wonga.

Will Using Kontera Annoy Your Visitors?

Due to the nature of the ads displayed on your website. Which are usually small pop up boxes.

There is a good chance that a small percentage of your visitors will be annoyed.

Especially if, the ads are not related to the actual page content.

You should also consider if having contextual advertising devalues the content,

Not every website is suitable for Kontera.

Let’s say for instance. That your website is about Politics. Having un-targeted pop up ads appearing all over the place will certainly put off a lot of potential voters who you are trying to get support from.

Why I Don’t Use Kontera On This Blog.

I installed the wordpress plug-in in the beginning of August 2010. Less than 24hrs later I had to un-install the Kontera plug-in.

My reasons for doing this was.

1) I just got to many ads.

2) Bad Ad Placement.

“I’m not blowing my own trumpet on purpose but”.

 This blog is SEO (search engine optimised) which means that I got targeted in context ads shown on my website very quickly.”

But, Unfortunately for me I just got to many of them, and they were all badly placed.

Those 2 reasons were bad enough.  




there was a third reason. That ultimately helped me come to a decision not to use Kontera.

The plug-in seriously slowed down my web page loading times, To the point where I almost lost my whole blog.

Please understand, that I am not saying to you to avoid Kontera at all cost.

Just because I had a bad experience with them. It does not necessarily mean that you will to.

The only way to know for sure is to try them yourself and carefully monitor the results.



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6 Responses to “Can You Make Money With Kontera?”

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    • Paul Profitt says:

      Hi Jennette

      I had a look at the instructions on your website regarding making money online. From watching YouTube videos. I found the information helpful, but a little bit to long winded for me.

      I reckon that it would be far easier to make money from watching videos on Paid2

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  3. Hi Paul,

    This is Jonathan from Kontera. I'm happy to hear you found our ads relevant. Our Synapse engine, which is the algorithm that powers Kontera ads has the ability to read your webpages for actually meaning, not just scan for keywords like other networks. This ability of Topical Targeting, allows us to identify a wider net of phrases and concepts relevant to your content, allowing us to deliver better contextual ads, leading to higher CTR and better CPC.

    Regarding your concerns about Kontera ads potentially annoying a small segment of your site's users, comScore, the leading marketing research company, recently did a study about Kontera and found that Kontera In-Text ads are actually one of the least intrusive online ad platforms.

    The reason Kontera ads are so user friendly is because they're100% user initiated, meaning unless someone is actively curious and scrolls over the highlighted keywords, they're never even going to see an ad. You can read more about the comScore study here:

    In terms of the amount of ads on your site, and the placement of those ads, both things can be easily controlled. To change the density of ads on your site you can just contact either me or in general, and we'll happily update that to your specifications.

    To control what parts of your page Kontera ads are displayed, we offer Zone and Filters tags, which you can implement yourself and are completely effective. Here's how to implement Zone tags:

    And here's how to implement filter tags:

    If you'd like to e-mail at I'd be happy to work with you to resolve these, and any other possible concerns, so Kontera is up and running on your site.


    -Jonathan Cohen
    Kontera Community Manager
    Monetize your site with Kontera In-Text ads

    • Paul Profitt says:

      Hi Jonathan

      I thank you for your comments

      The points that you have made are valid.
      But, I will not be using Kontera on my
      website at this moment in time…

      Because. I have already written to many
      pages on my blog, and even if I use Filter
      tags as you have suggested.

      It will still mean that I have to spend a lot of
      my time fiddling around re-working or worst,
      re-writing my blog post.

  4. Sarah says:

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