How To Find A Niche Market For You!


There are a number of things that must be in place if you want your online business to be successful. Choosing the right niche market is right up near the top of  the things you must do,

Personally speaking,”I believe that the niche is even more important than the keywords that you choose for your website.

My reasons for saying this is because keywords, is a online marketing term, whereas “THE NICHE” is both an online and off-line marketing term, so if you choose the right one, you could potentially more than double your original profit margin predictions.

When is A Niche Not A Niche?

“Let me give you a example”, Sports is not a niche, because it is far to big and broad a topic. You could break it down further into selected categories like Cricket,Base-ball,Soccer,American Football,etc and it would still be far to big and competitive for your website to stand out.

In this instance, I would break each category down further still.

Using my favourite sport “Soccer” as a example, I would first of all target my favourite team “Arsenal” and their supporters from all over the world.

I would try and find a product or service that they need and would be willing to pay for as my starting point, and once I find out what it is, I would sell it to them at a competitive price and possibly sell it to football supporters of other clubs too.

“This is just a basic plan of course, that I could easily expand on, but I think that you get the general idea”.

Passion And Profits

You have to find your passion first, before you can make any significant profits online, mine happens to be Affiliate Marketing, but there really is a endless supply of  products and services  that you can find to fit your niche.

It is by no coincidence that the majority of the top rated websites online are run by people who understand their business from top to bottom. They are passionate and knowledgeable people who know what works, and what doesn’t work in their own industry.

You, as somebody who is new to the online marketing world should follow their example, and avoid trying to market products that you know nothing about.

YES! I know that you are only interested in “chasing the Money” but there are a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t try working a niche that you no nothing about.

1.You will find it increasingly harder to discuss and write about a topic where you have very limited knowledge. This will   damage your credibility because, you will be perceived as a less than honest person and visitors to your website will not   buy from you.

2.Being passionate about your interests can rarely be faked. Take it from mewhen I say that it takes a awful lot of time   and effort to produce a informative and content filled site that is trusted by your visitors.

If you cannot picture   yourself writing about a particular topic for at least a year from now, then I would suggest that you bail out now.

It should be painfully obvious, that building your website around a topic that you know and love is the best way. If you do this correctly, the result will be much better conversion rates, increased sales, and a successful online business.


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4 Responses to “How To Find A Niche Market For You!”

  1. Dianne says:

    I’m finding that my niches are around things I do every day and have been doing for years. I am giving it a shot because there are a LOT of possibilities. Great article!

  2. LN Fanning says:

    I definitely agree. Affiliate Marketers should pick a niche and stick to it, and you cannot possible stick with something you’re really not passionate about. Profit should be considered, but passion must not be compromised.

  3. Dave says:

    Great article! I’ve also found that Once you’ve found your niche and give it a go, you really do have to stick with it and give it a good shot at success. I’ve found that many people get impatient (including myself!) and expect results really quickly. Online business is about patience, hard work and persistence. All of those combined with the right niche product and you should be good to go!

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