Outsource services-are they good or bad?


“I’m not gonna lie to you”, starting you’re own online business can be quite difficult at times. You will find it a pain in the ass to continually do all of the grunt work yourself, but there is a way for you to cut down your workload by as much as 90%, and guess what! you will not have to break the bank to do it.

Assuming that you already know the basics of Internet Marketing, have a web site, and you really haven’t the time to do all of the necessary work yourself.Outsourcing time consuming tasks out to freelancers is definitely the way to go to accelerate you’re online business.

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BUT, before you take this step, you need to know what are the best web sites to hire you’re temporary staff from, and even more importantly, You need to  make sure that you are completely satisfied with their work before parting with you’re cash,

Here’s how you know if you have found one of the good outsource services online.

1.You should be able to instantly check the reputation and history of the person that you’re about to hire.

An additional bonus for you would be if you can also gain access to comments left by other buyers about the quality of their work. To ensure that the person that you’re hiring is the real deal, get them to provide a Expert Guarantee.

Having this in place will motivate the person that you are hiring because, they know that they could lose all of their deposit if they fail to complete you’re project.

2.You should be able to see a non disclosure agreement feature that gives you maximum protection of your intellectual property

3.There should be some sort of way that you can prevent the person that you’ve hired from running away with your deposit before completing the work that you’ve paid them to do.

It was not that long ago that you had no other choice but to pay non-refundable up front payments to the professional people that you wanted to do business with.  As you can imagine, doing transactions in this fashion caused a lot of heart ache for a lot of honest people.

Things have now improved for the better over the years, and services like “ESCROW” now offer far better protection against fraud and theft.

How do hire the best person to do your work?

For me to give you the best answer to this question, I have to use the time and money equation. If you have deadlines to meet,  obviously money should not be to much of a problem for you.

IF this is the case, then I would suggest that you pay special attention to the reputation and experience of the person that you are thinking of hiring. Check on their work history. Don’t hire someone for £100 and then entrust them with your £10,000 project.

Don’t make the mistake of just hiring somebody because they are cheap, remember the old saying “You get what you paid for,”

If you have NO deadline (more time than money)…

…then it might just worth you taking a gamble on hiring somebody with little or no work experience on the site. This will be beneficial to you for two reasons.

1)You will be able to negotiate a discount far more easily with a in-experienced person.

2)Your money will always be protected, providing that you use a service like Escrow. If the worst case scenario happens (The person that you’ve hired fails to deliver) you simply hire someone else free of charge, but if everything goes according to plan you will have got your project completed at a fraction of the normal price.

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A crucial part of running a successful online business is knowing when to delegate work to others. having just read this post, You should be able see the obvious benefits of outsourcing and realize that hiring staff is not as difficult as it looks.


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2 Responses to “Outsource services-are they good or bad?”

  1. Outsourcing is the only way to run a company if you work from home.Argue all you want about where you get your people from (US or India) but the fact is, just about everyone needs the help.

    • Paul Profitt says:

      Hello Friend

      Thanks for your comments

      Just to clarify the point you are making. There will come a time when you have to outsource certain tasks that are to time consuming for yourself out to other people, but this will all depend on whether your time is more important than money.

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