What you are about to read is a real review of the Socrates Premium WordPress Theme…

… That was written by me, (Paul Profitt) a person who has actually paid for the product, and uses the Socrates WordPress Theme on a daily basis.

You might be asking yourself why should I spend money on the Socrates Theme when there are millions of free WordPress themes out there that can do the same job?

Do the same job are you serious?

Let me tell you something… Joel Comm and Dan Nickerson did not carry out many months of intensive research just to make a product that produces average results.

They had to make sure that the Socrates Theme was nothing short of excellent, and in my opinion they have achieved this and more.

As an Internet Marketer I already know that WordPress is the best blogging platform out there for a number of reasons, its versatility and flexibility being just two of them.

For me using WordPress was a no brainer, but the real question is, what makes Socrates so different from all the rest?

Well for a start.

You can eliminate 99% of the other themes completely.

Sure there are some great free themes and some of them work pretty well, but the problem with free themes is that you can never really trust their reliability over time.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of losing months of valuable content because of a crappy free WordPress theme is just too big a risk for me to take.

Now, let’s take a look at some other premium wordpress themes namely Thesis, FlexSqueeze and in my opinion, the only true competitor to Socrates, AffiloTheme.

I mean no disrespect to the creators of Thesis or FlexSqueeze.

But my reasons for giving them a slightly lower rating than Affilo Theme in this instance, is because as customizable as both Thesis and FlexSqueeze appear to be.

They were not designed specifically for Affiliate Marketing.

This was the deal breaker for me in choosing Socrates and why I would go for Affilo Theme as my second choice.


Thesis claims that it’s better for SEO and it’s completely customizable, on the dash, no coding required. The price? as of  (26/9/2013)  is  $87 for a basic single domain, and $197 for unlimited domains and lifetime upgrades.

From what I have read on other blogs about Thesis.

Their claim to be more appealing to the search engines than most of the other WordPress Themes could well be true, but this does not necessarily make them the best in the market.

In fact some well respected bloggers that I know of say, that there are now one or two free themes that can beat them at their own game.

It is also common knowledge among experienced Internet Marketers, that there’s a huge learning curve involved in customizing Thesis.

So much so that, a large majority of them prefer to outsource the customization work to specialized people, because the theme is just too complicated to play around with.


As an alternative you might want to give FlexSqueeze a try. Priced at $127   FlexSqueeze makes all of the same claims as Thesis but with a few more extra sales pages and graphics thrown in.

Any techno geek, could easily design their own sales pages on the Thesis Theme without too many problems, but from my understanding. It’s much easier to do this with Flex.

Having said that… if you happen to be a person who is cash rich and time poor then you still might need to outsource your design to someone else, and if that news wasn’t bad enough.

There is also the not so small matter of a premium membership service that you have to cough up an extra $47 every 3 months for.

My obvious gripe with this service is that it does not have a one time fee.

I don’t know about you, but after shelling out $127 for the main theme, the last thing that I want to hear is that all of the good stuff is actually in the premium membership area.


Your third option is to use Affilo Theme, which as an Affiliate Marketer I love and will probably buy at some point in the future.

Mark Ling the creator of the theme, is an Internet Marketer that I have been following for a number of years and his Affilorama Affiliate Marketing Training website is firmly established as one of the best around.

For a one time fee of $97 you get free updates, unlimited support and gain exclusive access to the Affilo Theme member’s forum.

You also get free web hosting for one year

As I mentioned to you earlier in this article, Affilo Theme was designed specifically for Affiliate Marketers and not bloggers, and for my money that makes a big difference.

Sure, you get more bells and whistles with Thesis or FlexSqueeze, but you will have to shell out more money for extra features that in all honesty you will probably never use.


This brings us nicely to your 4th and in my (slightly biased opinion) best option Socrates

I have been using the Socrates Premium WordPress Theme since 2011 without any serious problems.

Back then, it was priced at the ridiculously low price of $47 for a single domain and $77 for unlimited domains, but right now (October 2013) and I’m not sure for how long.


You can get the Socrates theme for the crazy price of $27 for a single and $47 for unlimited domains.

And if that price alone is not enough to convince you to part with your cash, let me tell you a few more things about Socrates that makes them better than the rest.

To start with…you get over 200 niche headers that are super easy to use, just take a pick and click, the same thing goes for backgrounds take your pick click a button and you’re done.


Building niche websites is a breeze with Socrates because (just in case I need to remind you again) it was built especially for Affiliate Marketers so everything about the theme is made copy and paste point and click simple.

One of the best features on the Socrates Premium WordPress Theme is the all in post ad units that makes it super easy for me to add my AdSense codes, Clickbank ID, banner codes, and Social Media profiles.

…Socrates also comes with a number of different page templates that will help give your website a clean and professional look.

You can see some examples of what these templates look like, by clicking on the links here and herethis review was written using the Socrates skinny sales page template.

If you are someone who is interested in Affiliate Marketing rather than blogging, then look no further than The Socrates Premium WordPress Theme.

Everything is SEO friendly and it has a very active and friendly community forum, and the best part is, that you can try out Socrates right now for 7 days absolutely free


Get Socrates Now

Buy Socrates Now




Thank you for reading,







PS: I have not been bribed or paid to write this review and I have purchased this product with my own hard earned cash










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