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How to Dominate Google And YouTube Search Engine Results

  YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It is owned by Google who have the distinction of holding the number one position. To the average person. YouTube is a site that just hosts videos. So it is very easy for us to forget that actually. There are ten’s of thousands of […]


3 Myths About Traffic That You Should Not Believe

  Have you just written your first blog post?  Congratulations. You have just completed the easiest part of your journey into the world of blogging. Now comes the hardest part. You need to get some “TRAFFIC” Speaking as someone who has their own blog. I will tell you straight,  that getting  targeted traffic. has been one […]


What’s Still Works In Getting Traffic

  You are probably aware that there are. Millions of people online. Who have a blog or website.That gets very little traffic. Are you one of them? In this blog post. I am going to reveal to you what methods of getting traffic. Still work for me today. And to get the ball rolling. I’m […]


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