There is an old saying that says. “A Bad Workman Always Blames His Tools.” In Internet Marketing. There is another saying that says.Tools For Internet Marketers

“A Bad Marketer Always Blames Someone Else For Their Failures.”


The second saying is a lie, I just made it up.  But in my opinion it could easily be true.

Part of the reason why most people fail online is.

Because they start of by following  the wrong person. This leads to them following the wrong advice, and  eventually they end up as just another wannabe Affiliate Marketer who gave up far too easily.

To have any chance of making it in the cut throat world of Internet Marketing. It is absolutely essential that you start on a firm a footing as possible.

What I’m about to reveal to you is some of the Internet marketing tools and resources. That I am presently using to run my online business.

And I highly recommend that you give some serious consideration to using them also.

Remember that all of  these tools and resources…have withstood the test of time.

And whenever I find something better, You will know about it here. Which is more than a good enough reason for you to check out this page regularly.

Anyway…Let me start the ball rolling with my top 10 wordpress plugins in no particular order.


1)Comment luv Premium (Paid)

2)Pretty Link Pro (Paid)

3)All In One SEO Pack (Free to use)

4)BWP-Google XML Site Maps (Free to use)

5)Premium Viral Magnet (Paid)

6)Tweet Old Posts (Free to use)

7)Blog Vault (Paid)

8)WP-Optimize (Free to use)

9)WP Security Scan (Free to use)

10)WP Super Cache (Free to use)


Couple of things worth remembering about plugins is… that they are not all compatible with each other, which can become a bit of a pain if you’re not careful. And the second point is,  if you install too many of them. They will slow down your web page loading times considerably.

So my advice to you is to use no more than 8 plugins, in the beginning. Make sure that they are all compatible. And then install a few more as your blog gains popularity.

I am now going to share with you a few of my favourite bloggers in the make money online niche. I would strongly advise that you sign up to a few of their news-letters. As they will prove to be an invaluable source of information for you in the future.

Once again. These websites are listed in no particular order of preference.













You now know who some of my favorite bloggers are. But if you are really serious about wanting to make money online from blogging.

Then you must do these 3 things first.


1) Get Your Domain Name

2)Get Your Web Hosting

3)Get Your Professional Auto-Responder Service


If you don’t invest in any of the 3 above  Forget about making money online and stick to your day job. I have been involved in Online Marketing since 2006.

And I have never seen or heard about any blogger who is making an absolute killing in money terms. Without investing in at least 2 of these services.

Trust me when I say that. Unless you are really lucky. Or exceptionally talented. You will never make  money online without  spending some first. That is just the way this business works.

Remember what I said to you before. Most people who have crashed and burned in Internet Marketing. Started out by following the wrong advice.

Do You Want To Join Them?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.










7 Responses to “Tools/Resources”

  1. Shalin says:

    Well the starting tag line of this post is bit controversial. For an example, online marketing like SEO clearly depends on what yo do + Google. Its not Karma, but sometimes it comes back even though you are not responsible of a downfall.

  2. AkmaOmar says:

    Nice tips. First time I took part in the course to make money online. I do not expect a lot of opportunities to make money online.. But i know i need to start from my blog 1st, clean all unnecessary things ..thank you for sharing. It’s is really help me to understand more.

  3. Matthew says:

    Thanks for both the list of great example sites, as well as the list of your preferred services. I use some already, heard of others, and have to some poking around to catch up with the rest of your likes.
    Thank you kindly!

  4. zahid says:

    Site has great and unique content. Nice post. All of our team love it.

  5. paul profitt says:

    Thanks for commenting Dave…That was my intention when I wrote this post. To try and make the steps as easy to follow as possible.

  6. Dave says:

    This is a really great step by step guide on how someone new to blogging can get into it and make some money. There is so much ambiguous information out there, that it’s really nice to come across a well written and clear step by step plan on how to start and what resources one can use. I hadn’t heard of a few of those blogs, so many thanks for pointing them out!

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