3 Myths About Traffic That You Should Not Believe


Have you just written your first blog post?  Congratulations. You have just completed the easiest part of your journey into the world of blogging. Now comes the hardest part.

You need to get some “TRAFFIC”

Speaking as someone who has their own blog. I will tell you straight,  that getting  targeted traffic. has been one of the most frustrating tasks that I have ever done online.

Part of the reason why I am saying this is… Based on some of the information that you’re about to read below.

Being a Affiliate Marketer. I spend a lot of my time on other blogs in the Internet Marketing niche. Reading about apparently… better ways of getting more visitors to my website.

I say apparently because. Some of the stuff that I’ve read is what I would call pure fiction, (That is if I were being polite). And down right lies…if I wanted to get nasty.

I will let you decide which one of the above descriptions fits the best. After you read the 3 biggest  myths. About getting more traffic to your blog.

#Myth.1  More Traffic=More Money

This one is probably the biggest lie in Internet Marketing.  I was taken in by this statement the moment I got involved in Online Marketing.

“After all it makes perfect sense when you say it to yourself.”

You have a website with products. That you believe anybody in their right mind would want to buy. All you need is enough eye balls to see them.  So why not invest in some form of advertising, that guarantees you tons of traffic.

Sound familiar?

It does to me.  That is exactly what I did, spent a couple of hundred pounds on some dodgy advertising agency. That promised to send 6000 hits to my site within 24hrs.

To be fair to them, I did indeed receive 6000 hits. But unfortunately it resulted in zero sales.

And through that bad experience. I learned a very valuable lesson, which is that traffic alone does not equal money. Targeted traffic is the real key to making money online .

#Myth.2   Writing More Blog Posts = More traffic.

Thankfully. This myth is one that I have never totally believed in. I can see why bloggers everywhere keep on beating the drum about the need for you to write fresh content 3 and 4 times a week to keep the mighty Google search engine  fully fed and watered.

Writing new blog posts every single day will definitely not bring you more traffic ,  and I will tell you why.

It is because most new bloggers are naturally lazy. And have no idea how to do Internet Marketing effectively.

They just write blog posts all day long. And hope that the few people who actually read their content.Will rush of and tell their friends.

If you are one of those bloggers. Then you now know the reason why the traffic hasn’t been coming to your website, and  probably never will.

Remember. That it is famous people, who are usually the ones that get their stuff shared all over the Internet.

You being a nobody  sorry. Obviously do not fit into this category.

And so,  to blindly keep writing  content on a daily basis. Hoping and praying that one day. Somebody somewhere hails you  as the new Charles Dickens or J K Rowling.

Is quite frankly. Very wishful thinking.

My advice to you. (Providing that you are really serious about. Making money from blogging) is to stop dreaming now, just accept that its  not going to happen.

And realize that in most cases. You’re content will never get found on the Internet. Without some sort of  solid Marketing strategy behind it.

#Myth.3  Having a large Twitter Following Means More Traffic.

At the time of me writing this blog post. I had around 1,500 Twitter followers. Not very much I know. But unlike a lot of other Internet Marketers and Bloggers.

I did not use Twitter automation software, such as Tweet Adder. To build a large following very quickly. I preferred a more methodical approach to gain more followers.

I know that my way is a lot slower…but at least. There is very little risk of  me having my account closed. By Twitter for breaking their rules. Another thing about my followers is that they are very targeted.

Around 10% have 40,000  or more followers. And some of them have over 100,000 followers.

But the most revealing thing. Is that their Twitter following. Does not convert into large amounts of traffic to their websites.

In fact…this blog outranks most of them on Google and in Alexa.

And if I were to take an educated guess about why they are getting such poor results. I would say that it is down to automation, self promotion and a untargeted Twitter following.

In the past I have tried automating all of my blog posts. Just to save time, and it ended up being a total disaster. Because I was self promoting way too much.

Luckily for me…

..I was able to retrieve the situation. By simply engaging more with my followers. I showed them that I was a real person, by re-tweeting their tweets and leaving the odd comment here and there.

And just by making these small, but significant changes. Has led to Twitter becoming the third biggest sender of traffic to this blog.

So the lesson to be learned from this is…

That it is not the amount of  Twitter followers that you have, which is important. But how targeted and suitable they are to your niche.

Do you agree with me or not?

Tell me by leaving  your comments below. And please don’t forget to share this article with your friends.











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14 Responses to “3 Myths About Traffic That You Should Not Believe”

  1. Hey Paul,
    Giving out content on your blog on a consistent basis can give a boost to your traffic. For me this traffic was the organic traffic I received from Google.

    I published an article about Youtube marketing and got some real good traffic from Google to that particular post.

    But yes those who just focus on publishing anything and everything on their blog, they might always remain empty handed. Thanks a lot of busting these myths.

  2. akhilendra says:

    Your tips about using Twitter are great, i have also used twitter with and without automated tools & like your case, i too saw better results with manual usage. As far as post frequency is concerned, i think it’s better to have a optimum frequency which would vary from individual to individual but the primary focus should be quality of post rather than just any post. thanks for sharing these.

  3. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for paying my site a visit. I’ve been so overwhelmed lately, I haven’t been visiting blogs as much as I usually do. When I saw your friendly face in the comments, I realized there’s no time like the present and I followed your link over here.

    I’m glad I did because I do agree with you. There are so many self-proclaimed “experts” online touting one method of driving traffic over another. Traffic is all well and good but it’s conversions that’s important. To me, it always comes down to quantity vs quality. I’ll opt to develop meaningful relationships with potential clients every day over driving massive amounts of traffic who really are just surfing or looking for backlinks.

    • paul profitt says:

      Hi Sherryl

      Thanks for leaving a comment. I can only imagine how busy you must be. With running your blog and your group on Linkedin. I don’t know where you find the time to fit it all in.

      The old traffic conundrum is a difficult balancing act. But like you. I prefer quality over quantity when it comes to getting my traffic. Because it will convert better over time.

  4. Dipa says:

    So true! many a naive blogger dreams of earning huge amounts of money overnight due to such misconceptions. Well said!

  5. richa says:

    Can’t agree with you more on all 3 points. These myths should be read by every newbie blogger. Thanks for sharing this great info.

  6. Totally agree with all the points! Especially 2nd point. Just posting and posting and posting doesn’t mean you’ll get good traffic!

  7. Though traffic doesn’t always equal more money for targeted affiliate sales, I have seen it does directly affect my growing AdSense income, the higher my traffic in a month the higher the AdSense revenue, it is very proportional almost to the point where I can accurately forecast my AdSense % increase based on my traffic % increase within a +-5% margin.

  8. Adrienne says:

    Hey Paul,

    I thought I would stop by today and say Hi and see what you’re sharing with us.

    Man oh man can I ever sympathize with these darn myths. I just really don’t understand why people want to tell us things that just aren’t true. Oh that’s right, it’s their marketing ploy! Yeah, like you’ll keep me coming back for more after that.

    I’ve learned the hard way as well and was lead to believe all these myths at one time myself. But I got smart and educated myself so there is no more fooling Adrienne. No sirree…

    Great post and thanks for sharing this with us. Hey, have a great weekend okay!


    • paul profitt says:

      Hi Adrienne

      Thanks for leaving your comment.

      Believe it or not. I was just about to leave a comment on your most recent post. But I discovered that at least 50 other people had beaten me to it.

      “So I figured, I might as well continue writing my next blog post..and wait until you publish again.”

      It makes a nice change having a conversation with you here rather than on Twitter don’t you think?


      About those darn myths, as you like to call them. You are right to call it a marketing ploy.

      But it is a ploy that works. And unfortunately for most newbies, probably will work for many years to come.

      Enjoy your weekend too Adrienne.

  9. I totally agree with focusing on targeted traffic. Although this needs much work on my part, but from your sharing, i think it’s definitely worth more than just huge traffic but doesn’t convert to sales. Thank you for these eye openers.

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