Can JustRetweet Really Get More Traffic To Your Blog?


It is often said in business that the simple idea works the best.

Never has that statement rung more true.

Than on a website that I recently discovered called JustRetweet.

And if you happen to have a blog.

In the Internet Marketing or Social Media niche.

That needs targeted traffic.

Then this website should be your 1st stop.

What JustRetweet have done is.

To take something that has been around for ages, ( traffic exchanges).

And adapted it for the many serious bloggers online today. Speaking as someone who has used Traffic Exchanges for many years.

I can tell you that getting targeted traffic from them is far from being easy.On a normal Traffic Exchange.

Most of the members are going to promote their Affiliate Products to you over and over again.

They are only interested in the bottom line. (Making you part with your hard earned cash as quickly as possible)

And if they do choose to visit your site, it will only be for the minimum amount of time required for them to earn a viewing credit.

The quality of the traffic that you get from these type of websites, is usually very poor.

But the quantity  in some cases can be very high.

JustRetweet operates in much the same way that I have just described.

But with a couple of added  tweaks, In a nutshell this is how the site works.


1) Sign up and link your Twitter account

2)Post your Tweets

3)Get More Followers


To get the best results from JustRetweet, it is absolutely essential that you have some sort of social media presence on Twitter,Facebook, or G+

Ideally you want followers on all three. But having 300 to 500 followers on one of these sites is a good enough starting point.


The second thing that you need is a blog that is about Internet Marketing or Social Media. Your blog must be well written and have lots of original content.

I would also advise you to only submit your best articles to JustRetweet, as they will have the best chance of going viral.

Also… try to write a catchy headline for each blog post that you submit, as this will encourage the other bloggers to share your article.

And when I say that the other members will share, I’m not talking only newbies  here.

I am talking about some of the most influential bloggers online sharing your best written content with their social media connections.

Potentially this could mean tens of thousands of people being introduced to your blog for the very first time.


And the best part is that you get all of this traffic action for free.


JustRetweet works because a majority of the members have joined for the same reason. This being to get more Twitter followers and more traffic to their blogs.

At the time of you reading this. I am into the third week of my membership (November 22 2012)  and I am more than happy with the results. You will be too providing that.

 All of the key things mentioned are in place, to enable JustRetweet to work in your favor.

I am by no means a social media expert,but the fact that so many of the top bloggers online today.Use and endorse the service

Was in the end the deciding factor that finally made me sign up to JustRetweet And hopefully after reading this you will be ready to do the same.


Leave your comments below please


JustRetweet - Get More Retweets Free

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13 Responses to “Can JustRetweet Really Get More Traffic To Your Blog?”

  1. Jack says:

    Love this service. I, so far, have 57,000 credits to use on my next promotion. 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    HI Paul, I’ve been using it for almost a year at least weekly and it does draw some traffic and I have met some new bloggers there. I always check out links first before tweeting them out unless I know the blogger very well.

    • paul profitt says:

      Hi Lisa, thanks for leaving a comment. I tried using Triberr a few months ago I only got as far as leaving 3 comments on a tribe.

      Then I gave up, it was all a little bit too long winded for my taste.

      But I might give them a try again in the future.

  3. Sicorra says:

    Great review. I’ve actually been using it for about 3 months for the same reasons that you wrote about. My blog is a Personal Finance blog and it still works very well for me. I love it!

  4. Sandra says:

    I’ve been needing to get my traffic up. Hopefully this advice of yours would help. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you for sharing this Paul!

  5. Qasim says:

    Hi Paul,

    I have been using JustRetweet for a year now, and I have to say that it’s greatly effected my traffic to my website, increased Twitter retweets and help you builds your twitter followers. Thanks for providing this review.

  6. Stacey says:

    This sounds enticing. I’ll give it a try, hopefully I’ll be able to increase the traffic on my webpage. Thank you for sharing this!

  7. Hey Paul, great write up on JustRetweet, I discovered the site some months back and use it regularly in my twitter marketing and traffic generating strategies. JustRetweet is now in my top 3 top referral sites for traffic to my main blog at Magnet4Marketing.

  8. Veronica says:

    I never heard of JustRetweet before, maybe because I’m too busy reading other people’s posts than focusing on my own blog. That’s why I’m really glad I came across your blog. Thanks!

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