How To Overcome Writer’s Block


Eventually this will happen to you. There will come a time when you will feel creatively drained and will not have a clue what to write about next.

As far as you’re concerned you have written everything there is to know about “The Meaning Of Life” and you are struggling to find the motivation to write more on the subject.

Believe me when I say to you that this is something that happens to even the best writers.

Once you get into the habit of submitting your articles on a regular basis, it is only natural to expect your brain to seize

up every so often, and in so doing, make every little thing that you do online seem like HARD WORK!

I am writing this post as somebody who is not a natural writer. So I know what you are going through.

When I read other people’s Blogs and I see how much content that they write in a week or month, I am completely shocked and stunned in equal measure because.

I write nowhere near as much content, and I know the reason why.

It is because I see writing as a means to a end, “What I really mean is that I recognize the importance and long term value of having my own original content on my web site”…

… but, I do not have a love for the English Language like a natural writer would, which is the reason why I am finding it

extremely hard to keep up with my current schedule of writing just 3 Blog post per month.
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Why Do You Have Writer’s Block?

There are a number of reasons:

  • You have gotten so used to writing about the same subject in the same way to the point where it has become tedious and boring.


  • Your just plain tired “mentally fatigued”


  • Maybe, your not being challenged enough, and have plateaued. You’ve reached all of the targets that you have set for yourself and are now wondering “What Next”

Whatever the reasons is, just remember that getting into a writing slump happens to virtually everybody.

How Do You Cure Writer’s block?

Fortunately, there is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel, Even if you haven’t written anything of note for months.

All that is required is a slight change of perspective from you. Which will then energize your creative juices and take your writing to new levels.

“As I have already mentioned, I am by no means a natural writer”.

So I have writers block every time I try to write something.

Here are some of the methods that I personally use, and believe will help you get out of you’re slump.

  • Change the word count of each article
  • Change the writing style of your articles
  • Get more out of each article

In one of my previous articles, I mention, that I try to keep all of my blog posts between 300 and 800 words.

This is because in my opinion. I believe that most readers will loose interest and click away from my page if  I write anything much longer than that.

“You might want to try this technique yourself.”

By varying the length of each article that you write. It becomes less of a chore, and far more manageable task.

Articles that begin with How to, or 5 and 10 steps to “da da da” are by far the easiest ones to write.

So many writers and non writers love this format, which is why you see so many of them all over the Internet.

I’m sure that you’ve already noticed that I am also a fan of this style.

However, it can become habit forming, which is not good over the long term.

“Its like eating your favourite meal everyday.”

At first you will enjoy it, but as time goes by.

The meal stops being special and becomes normal…

…and do you know what happens when something that you use to love becomes normal?

It becomes BORING!.

Let me just be clear, that I am not telling you to stop, or not to write articles in the “How to” or “5 Steps style.

I’m never going to stop using it, and neither should you.

I Just want you to be aware of just how habit forming it can be to write all of your articles in this fashion.

Whenever I write a article I promote it. This is because I am a Affiliate Marketer first, and a writer second.

Promoting my own articles takes up a lot of my time, but in the long run it will work out better for me.

Marketing your own articles on the popular social networking web sites is good because, you gain more exposure for your work, and if it ticks all the right boxes.

You will get a brand new audience all willing to to share your articles with their friends.

Maximizing the reach of each article that you write helps you overcome writer’s block because you will eventually get more readers for writing less.

This free’s you of having to write to strict deadlines all of the time.. 

…and you will have the added bonus of not being under the mercy of any one,  article writing web site owner.

Who could change their article submission rules at any time.

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    Paying somebody else to write all of your articles. Will definitely cure your writers block problem. So long as you are pleased with the quality of each article.

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