What Ever Happened To Article Marketing?


There has been a lot of confusion. Over the past few weeks. Regarding a video made by Matt Cutts.

Who just happens to be one of the top dogs on Google.

In this video. He advises people.

“Not to use “Article Marketing”.

If you have been a follower of my blog for any length of time.

You will already know that Article Marketing is one of my favourite methods of getting traffic to my web site.

So as you can imagine. I was none to pleased to hear Matt Cutts casually dismiss Article Marketing as something. That has become  yesterdays news.

Should You Give Up On Article Marketing?

In my opinion NO!

Despite all the scare mongering tactics from other. Lets just say. Less than honest Affiliate Marketers.

Who are the ones that will keep on telling you.

That traditional Article Marketing has had its day.

( Just so they can sell their latest crappy product to you)

I firmly believe that using Articles for branding, back-links, and of course “Traffic”.

Will still be effective for many years to come.

While it is true to say that. Submitting the same article to multiple directories. Like Ezine Articles, Go Articles and Article Dashboard.

Does not work as well as it use to.

You can still get plenty of link juice and traffic. From writing your articles.

By simply making a few minor changes to what you already do.

What I have noticed. As someone who use to submit articles fairly regularly to the directories.

Is that most of them now want. Only original, exclusive, and quality content.

What this means is…

You now have a important decision to make.

Which is, to choose no more than 3 or 4 Article Directories to write for.

Once you have done this.

Concentrate your efforts on writing exclusive 500 to 1000 word articles for each one of them.

By doing this. You will avoid any major Google penalties. That could hurt your blog (SERP) Search Engine Result Page ranking.

Another change. That I recommend you make is.

Get your article written by professional writers.

To write guest posts for other blog owners. In the same niche as yourself.

I only have  just started doing this.  And I must say that I’ve been surprised and pleased with the results.

To clarify. In the beginning. you only want to guest post for high traffic web sites. That are very user friendly. And get commented on a lot.

You also want to make sure that your content sharing options are the same.

For instance. I use the Comment Luv, Pretty link Pro, and Only wire sharing options. On my blog at this moment in time.

So I am more interested in guest posting for blogs. That offer the same services.

WHY!… because of product and service association.

If visitors to my web site see that I am using the same plugin, software, or content sharing tools as them.

They will be more likely to respond. To what I have written.

Because of the subconscious connection that I have just made with them.

They also have the advantage of already knowing how Comment Luv or Pretty Link Pro works.

This greatly increases the chances of them sharing my articles to their friends.

So in closing…

Article Marketing is far from being “DEAD”.

You just have to be more selective on which web sites. You submit your content too.

If you are thinking of starting a blog. Or you are just someone. Who is exploring the Freelance Writing Opportunities out there.

My advice to you is,  to make article writing a big part of your plans.

Do you think that Matt Cutts is right?  Write your comments below.

Is this your  first time  here  or are you a regular visitor to my blog?

Have enjoyed reading this article?

If you have .Please spread the word. By sharing it with a few of your friends.



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