What Should I Write Articles About?


If you plan to write articles on a regular basis then, you need to know how to answer this particular question. Let me just tell you straight away that when it comes to writing articles, its all about being consistent in your chosen topic.

“I write a fair amount of articles myself and I also read a lot of articles on other popular (and not so popular) blogs web sites, and article directories”.

What I have discovered is that the most successful writers are usually the most consistent on all of the topics that they write about.

They don’t make the mistake of trying to pass themselves of as a expert on every subject under the sun.

Instead they concentrate their efforts in specialising on one subject only.

You will achieve much better results from writing your articles if you follow their lead.

I know from personal experience” that you will find it hard in the beginning to totally focus all of your efforts on

writing about one topic

but with just a little bit of time and practice you will soon get the hang of it.

As far as linking content to your own web site goes, Having the right article strategy in place right from the start is absolutely crucial.

Never write a article (unless you don’t care about ranking well in the Google search engine results) submit it to one or more

Article Directories, and link from your resource box to a unrelated page.

Your article should be on the same general topic as the website that you’re linking to in your resource box.

If your website is about music, then all of your articles should deal with music and related topics.

You can write about special equipment used in music, your philosophy on music, the benefits of listening to music, techniques

for recording different types of music, etc. Any topic having to do with music is fair game.

Try to get inside of the head of the person reading you’re article.

Get your article written by professional writers.

Just imagine, that they are really enjoying your article on music. There is more than a 50% chance that they will be

interested in more information on this topic. You’ve done all of the hard work by getting them curious enough to click on you’re link.

Why waste all of that hard work by sending them to a web page unrelated to your article.

Imagine the disappointment from your readers perspective. He or she was expecting more relevant content on music.

Instead, your article resource box link. Sends them to a web site about baking a cake.

“Instant turn of, a BAD user experience, and not very good for your profit margins, I might add.”

Can you see why consistency in your articles is so important?

Your resource box is not just about the link. There will be actual human readers looking at your article and possibly

(hopefully!) clicking the link in your resource box to get back to your website. To maximize the number of readers who click

the link in your resource box, you need to write on the topic of your website.

If you think of it from a SEO perspective.

You always want to anchor your text link keyword phrase direct from your article resource box to a related web page on your

site for a couple of reasons.

1) It helps Google and the other major search engines discover what your website is about.

2) It confirms to Google and the other major search engines that your article resource box link is consistent with the information on your web page.

By always writing articles on the same subject as your web site, you will…

…increase the number of visitors to your site, get more of those vital one way backlinks, and if these 2 added benefits were not enough.

Every article that you write on your niche brings you closer to becoming a respected expert.

“As I mentioned to you before.” it takes more effort to write consistently on one topic, but the payoff is worth it.


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  1. Claire Richardson says:

    i do article writing on the topics that mostly interests me. i love to do article writing.;~

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