How Do You Get Your Page Rank Back?


This will happen to your website one day.

You will check to see what is your web site current position in the Google Search Engine Results, and you will be shocked to see that it no longer has the Number 1 or 2 page ranking that it once had.

To fully understand the possible reasons why your web site has suddenly dropped in popularity, I will first need to give you

a clearer explanation of what the more commonly used SEO terms are, and how easily it is to get confused by them.

1.SEO: Stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, you will have probably heard this word being banded about quite a bit if you follow Internet or Affiliate Marketing.

Using tried and trusted SEO techniques on all of your current web sites is something that I would highly recommend that you do at all times.

2.SERP’s: Stands for “Search Engine Result Page”  in the Internet Marketing World.  If you  live  in the UK. Then you might remember that  SERP’s also has other name…

(State Earnings Related Pension Scheme) which has ceased to exist since April 2002.

3).Google PR: stands for “Google Page Rank”, this is where a lot of people get confused and mistakenly believe that Google SERP’s and Google PR are one and the same.

 but of course they are not. SERP’s is a ranking of one page on your website for a particular keyword phrase, that you are trying to rank well for in the Google’s free search engine results

Whereas having a good Google PR is, a indication of how much Google trust the overall information on your web site when comparing it to other web sites that have similar content to your own,

Page rank is scored from 1 to 10 with ten being the highest.

4.ALEXA: This word really does not stand for anything special unless, of course,  it just happens to be your real name.

However when you examine the meaning of the word Alexa in Internet Marketing terms. You will soon realise how important it is to the long term future of your web sites survival because,

having a excellent Alexa rank means lots of FREE traffic to your website.

Going back to my original question regarding the loss of your page rank.  to get it back…

…You will need to make sure that your website always has.

  • A good keyword rich title
  • A lot of good SEO web pages
  • A lot of top ten positions in Google SERP’s
  • A lot of good quality back-links to your web pages.
  • A lot of good quality original content.

By doing all of these 5 things on a consistent basis you will see a steady rise in your Alexa web site rank and eventually in your Google page rank.

To give you some idea how long this will take you to achieve, I will use my own blog as an example.

I started this blog in August 2009 and  it has 3 written pages and 24 blog post. Each post consist of approximately 300 to 800 words, and I try to write no less that 3 posts per month.

At the time of me writing this post my web site has a Google page rank of 3 on my home page and a page rank of 1 on a few of my older blog post entries.

I should also add that I had already written and submitted other related articles to some of the more popular article online

directories for the purpose of back linking, before I even started writing on my blog.

My Alexa web site rank is rapidly closing in on being in the top 3% in terms of traffic in the world.

I truly do practice what I am preaching to you but, does this mean that my Alexa and Google rankings will never drop?

“Of course not” because there are just to many variables that Google takes into consideration. before deciding how well to rank my web site.

But despite me not knowing all of Google’s secrets, I am confident that you will regain or improve you’re current web site’s position providing that you continue to write good content with just a touch of SEO thrown in for good measure.


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  1. charan says:

    the post reminds me my last website .. it was pr -2 that time .. i did not maintained properly and created some stupid backlinks which cause damaged when google algorithm updated, immediately my traffic was decreased 50% after that i realized how important and tough to maintain page rank , now i started my new site (5 months back) am taking care all the steps from on/off page optimization.. you points really will help me and follow thanks for sharing paul

  2. Hi,

    Great post indeed!!! perfect article rich in content and helpful too.It is pleasure to be here and read your post .I really get to know more about Alexa.I really appreciate your hard work keep going:)

  3. Hi,
    Great tips.A big thanks to you for telling us more about Alexa ranking.I found this article really very helpful.It is sharable also.


  4. Mayank says:

    Nice explanation on alexa ranking there.
    Hope to see more posts like this from you.

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