Keyword Research Tools-Are they A waste of time?


“I know what you’re thinking”, You’ve got a brilliant idea for a website that nobody has thought of. Your new website is gonna make you a ton of cash in no time at all.

Now you may well have a brilliant idea, but you will never know unless
you do you’re KEYWORD RESEARCH.

While you are reading this page their are literally thousands upon thousands of websites dying a slow and painful death in cyber space. Your fantastic new website will join them, unless you do WHAT? “Right you answered correctly” Your Keyword Research.

Going back to your original plan, the first thing that you should do is brainstorm your idea.  At this stage you are trying to discover the best Website Concepts for you. Then you gradually narrow them down to the one with the most potential.

It is important that you stay focused at this stage of planning, and remember that you are building a high end business with Hugh potential and growth. So the more effort you put in now, the greater the financial rewards will be for you later on.

You are now ready to move on to the second stage, which is for you to develop HIGH PROFITABILITY topics. You do this by using keyword research tools that will allow you build hundreds of keyword focused topics for your concept.

Here’s where things start to get interesting. Based on the previous two stages that you have now completed. You can now research affiliate programs that excite you and fit your concept.

Needless for me to say that affiliate marketing should be your primary method of making money from your website. Always leave yourself open to other potential income streams  beyond affiliate marketing that may be suitable for your business. Diversity is good because it provides long term stability

Take as long as you need to cover the three steps that I have just described, don’t rush even though you might be tempted¬† to. You will be rewarded for patience so please take your time.

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  1. Paul Profitt says:

    Hello Friend

    I can't find the video that you want me to see. So, whether or not Market Eye Site can find Keywords phrases with traffic, but no competition. Is something that I cannot confirm or deny.

  2. Leon Soloman says:

    I don’t recommend software programs very often except this recent service is outstanding. It’s a keyword tool having a database of millions of keywords and phrases showing the adwords traffic count monthly together with the google competition count as well as other numbers.

    At a click of a button you’ll find keyword phrases with traffic but no competition and I have used it already to get pages and web sites to the top of the search engines, even with no backlinks.

    You can look at a video of it in use here –

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