5 Things That You Should Know About Inbound Org


There are many free ways of driving traffic to your website.

Brian Halligan, a CEO and co-founder of HubSpot.

Was the first person to describe all of these methods, in only two words.

He called it Inbound Marketing.

Rand Fishkin, a CEO and founder of SEOmoz

Launched a website in 10/2/2012 called Inbound Org.

I only signed up  for my free account in March 2013.

And what I am going to share with you in this article, are 5 of the things that I think, will interest you most.

1)Very Easy To Post Content

I give Inbound Org  10 out of 10 for site navigation. I hate it when you have to jump through a number of hoops, just to share some content on a website.

For me that kinda defeats the whole purpose of social interaction.

You should be able to share the stuff that you like, whenever you like.

In my opinion if it takes you longer than 2 minutes to figure out how everything works. Then you are joining the wrong social media website.

2)Earn Up Votes and Karma

To become one the big players on Inbound Org, you need 2 things, Up votes and Karma.

You get one up vote for each article that you share plus a few Karma points. I like this system because you can earn points very quickly.

You might just be wondering…

How does Inbound Org stop repeated shares of the same article?

Well, its all to do with a very clever warning system that they have in place. That tells you via a pop up. If someone else has already shared your submitted content.

The system then re-directs you to the person who originally shared the article, while at the same time awarding you an Up vote.

3) Ask Me Anything Q&A

Most of the popular websites that I visit have a Q&A page (Question And Answer) but I can honestly say that, I have never seen one used better than on Inbound Org.

Here’s how it works…

Every week  somebody who already has an established blog, invites members of Inbound Org. To ask him or her anything they want about their business.

These Q&A sessions are great for the business owner old and new.

Because they get a chance to advertise their business to new potential customers and at the same time. Show off all their knowledge and expertise.

End result, almost instant credibility and trust.  Added with the  benefit, of earning them a lot of Up votes and Karma points.

4) Extra Profile Features

Inbound Org give you the option of adding  4 other social media profile links where you are currently the most active. My advice to you is,  to take full advantage of this.

And you should also,  fill in the Project & Skills, Where I Write, and Favorite Blogs sections.

Unfortunately,  if you don’t have a blog, and you are not a online business owner. You will gain very little benefit from these extra features.

But it is still nice to know that they are there should you ever decide to start a  work from home online business  at some point in the future.

5) Traffic?

My 2  favorite social media websites, in terms of traffic generation,  are JustRetweet and Twitter.The reason why I rate both of these websites above all others is because.

They are very easy to use, and you get sent traffic almost immediately.

Inbound Org at this moment in time, is good on the easy to use part.

But as for getting traffic to my blog, I would not put them in the same bracket as Twitter or JustRetweet.

But then again, I am still in the very early stages of my membership. So hopefully my traffic stats will improve over the coming months.

What Results Have You Been Getting From Inbound Org?

Tell Me By Leaving A Comment Below


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  1. Simona says:

    Although I have never used Inbound Org, your article made pretty clear of how it works and what it offers. The fact that it has ways to prevent plagiarism and to award those who avoid it appeals to me, as well as it being very easy to use. Well-informed and informative article, all at the same time!

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