5 Ways Small Businesses Can Utilize Facebook for Growth


Starting a business is no easy feat but with a solid business strategy and plenty of thoughtful planning, entrepreneurs can beat the odds and launch a successful company.

When you’re just starting out and the budget is tight, pricey ad campaigns are unrealistic and unaffordable.

Luckily, these days, social media is a great way to promote a brand and gain loyal customers for life.

Read on for five ways small business owners can leverage Facebook for brand exposure and boost profits.

1. Be Consistent

The biggest flaw when it comes to using social media for business is inconsistency. Customers and virtual friends come to expect a response when you post regularly on Facebook and Twitter. So, if all of the sudden you take a break and ignore social media for a week or two, it’s like a slap in the face to followers. Inconsistent social media usage sends the message to followers that you don’t care about them and you don’t value social as a viable platform for brand promotion. Post regularly on Facebook and schedule updates on Twitter using programs like Hootsuite to ensure no more than a day or two goes by without some online interaction.

2. Use Creative Photos Regularly

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is true in many different venues but no more so than in social media. Images are commented on, shared, and “liked” more than basic text and video, so it’s always smart to add a photo to a Facebook post. Pictures are also a good way to highlight the behind the scene happenings at a company and help followers feel in touch with the brand. Financial education company, Online Trading Academy, found that posting pictures on Facebook of traders at their desks garnered numerous comments and improved engagement with the page.

3. Update That Cover Picture

If you’re trying to increase the number of “likes” and enhance your audience, updating the cover photo is an insider’s trick for achieving both. The way the Facebook algorithm works makes it so that big actions like updating a profile picture or getting engaged instantly shoot to the top of friends’ newsfeeds. Likewise, updating a cover photo is considered an important edit and thus, the change will appear in numerous newsfeeds. This kind of action is a great way to increase exposure of your business and get “likes” from people who would not get notifications about your page under normal circumstances.

4. Ask Fans Questions

Still not seeing an increase in interaction on your homepage? That’s ok! It takes some time and effort to build up a following but asking questions is a great way to boost engagement. Ask relevant, open-ended questions that are pertinent to your business. When someone comments, make sure to “like” his or her response so more activity surrounds the conversation, and to encourage future participation from that Facebook user.

5. Try a Promoted a Status

On Facebook, promoted posts are easy to set up and remarkably inexpensive. If you want a photo or status update to reach a larger audience, you can opt to promote the post for just a few dollars a day. It depends on the total number of followers you currently have, but in generally it costs about $5 per day to expose your post to a couple hundred or several thousand Facebook users. The more people who see a post from your page, the more familiar they will be with your brand down the line.

Facebook is a valuable marketing tool for small businesses that are trying to grow on a limited budget. For virtually nothing, you can set up social media profiles for your business and start building a community of potential customers instantly.

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Brian works for highriskpay.com, a company that helps business obtain merchant accounts regardless of their credit or risk assessment.

7 Responses to “5 Ways Small Businesses Can Utilize Facebook for Growth”

  1. Veronica says:

    These are straight to the point, and good points that you have presented. Thank you very much. I have come across microbusinesses that utilize Faceboook to let the world know that they exist, and might I say that the best ones that get the most popularity are those that adhere to the standards that you have presented and more.

  2. Kristine says:

    All your tips are accurate. I work for marketing and whenever I suggest things like this to my supervisor she shuts me down. Shows how much some people aren’t ready to embrace the benefits of Social Media. I’d better show her this.

  3. Joy says:

    Facebook is probably one of the best social media networking sites that offer bright opportunities for businessmen and entrepreneurs. Thank you for this article. I’m not so big on business schemes but at least now I’m inspired to use the site in order to expand what I have.

  4. Purnima says:

    FaceBook is indeed an effective way to use social media to drive business. People do not have the time and patience to read long posts so short and snappy posts work well . Pictures are more enticing than plain text .Apart from this regular posting helps to build a loyal audience over a period of time .

  5. Aayna says:

    Facebook is indeed a great social media for advertising or promoting the business, new or old alike. Through Facebook, the company or the brand can become a regular feature into the lives of the users. These days a lot of businesses have diverted to the Facebook to establish a connection with the audience at large, through this they gain a review about their already launched products and can also tap the untapped resources. Thanks for the share.

  6. mikec ( says:

    Thanks, Brian, for the tip about cover pictures. I haven’t been in the habit of changing ours and didn’t know how Facebook prioritizes it you do. Thanks again.

  7. paul profitt says:

    Hi Brian, thanks for writing this post. You may not know this. But I am not Facebook biggest fan. But after reading your article I might just give the promoted feature a try.

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