Empire Avenue-Is it really better than twitter?


Things have gotten just a little bit crazy for me over the past few days. It all started, when I opened one of the many hundreds of emails that I get everyday.

From Affiliate Marketers and spammers.

I do not remember the name of the person who sent me that email.

“And I’m still not sure If I want to thank him.”

Or throttle him for getting me hooked on the social networking game Empire Avenue.

15/5/11 Is when I joined,  and I already like Empire Avenue far more than Twitter or Facebook.

What I have found out in my few months of taking social networking more seriously.

Is that the people who use Twitter and Facebook are anything but sociable.

“Actually let me re-phrase that.”

If you have a Twitter and Facebook account, purely for business reasons.

Then you will find that most of the people who follow you. Are not that big on social engagement.

They are far more interested in promoting their business via automation.

This means that you end up getting a series, or sometimes even one message sent repeatedly on your news feeds. Empire Avenue encourages social engagement from its members.

That is why I like it so much. Unlike Twitter, you do not have to have thousands of followers to be deemed a success.

What is Empire Avenue?

In short its networking, gaming, aggregation and social currency all rolled into one.

You link up your social accounts through your Empire Avenue account.

Currently it supports Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Flickr (with Foursquare being lined up).

Through a combination of looking at your social media activity and people buying shares in you, you end up with a share value.

This share price rises and falls dependent on your ongoing social engagement, and the trading activities of your ‘shareholders.

If you want to rise on Empire Avenue, people need to buy you and if you stop engaging through your social networks than you’re price will fall.

It is so addictive that I am checking my price while I am writing this post.

The only minor downside that I have found so far is. That it is not the most user friendly of websites.

It will take you quite a while to know what goes where.

When you first visit Empire Avenue. But I have managed to

find some videos. That will make sure that you start on a firm footing.

Empire Avenue is more than just a game. If it were only that, I would not be writing this blog post. Trying to convince you to join.

As I said to you before. Empire Avenue encourages activity because of the clever way the site has been put together.

Think about this for a moment.

If you got a email from somebody that you don’t even know. Informing you that they have made a $200 investment in you.

You’re almost by default. Obligated to contact that person. Just to simply ask them why.

Before you get too nervous, Any investment made in you on Empire Avenue is virtual currency called Eaves. but don’t let this simple fact fool you.

Because virtual money can and does have the same psychological effect on the human brain. As real money.

I am living proof of that. Whenever I get a message, that somebody has bought shares in me. I take it as my personal responsibility.

To invest their money wisely, just like if it was my own.

So if you are looking for someone who is reliable, dependable, and a social networking animal. You could do far worst than

spending some of you’re Eaves on me.

Have you tried Empire Avenue yet? Do you like it more than Twitter?

Tell me what you think by leaving a comment below.


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