How I Raised My Social Network Profile


Social Network Marketing and Klout. Go together like Bacon and Eggs. So some social media experts say. I don’t know whether they are right or wrong. In their assumption. But I do know. That until a few months ago. I had a fairly decent Klout score. It was around the 35 mark.

But once Klout introduced new changes to their system. My rank dropped by more than half.  To tell you the truth.  I wasn’t all that bothered by this. Unlike a lot of angry website owners. Who were none to pleased, when these changes happened.

I have never claimed to be an expert on Social Network Marketing.  In my eyes. It made no sense to get angry.  My approach to the whole social media thing. Had always been pretty casual anyway.

So kicking Klout to the kerb was the furthest thing from my mind. Which is incidentally, exactly what a lot of website owners did. Once those changes were made.

However casual my approach to social media was at that time.

There are now very strong signals from Google. That Social Network Marketing will play a big part in how they view my website now and in the future.

So with that thought in mind.

Over the past few months. I have been trying to increase my social media profile, and raise my Klout score

By using 2 social media services.  Twitter, Buffer. And one excellent WordPress plugin called Tweet Old Post.

Just for the record. The web browser that I used. And still use today is Chrome.

Here’s How I Did It

The first thing that I did was to connect my favorite Social Networking sites to my Klout account.

Side Note

When you connect your Twitter account to Klout.You are able to see the Klout score of everyone else who have also connected their accounts. In your Twitter Timeline.

The second thing that I did was. To sign up to Buffer. And then download their Buffer for Chrome extension. They also had a really cool feature called Inside Listed in the Goodies section of their website.


Social Media Training Video-How To Use Buffer For Social Networking


Using Inside Twitter allowed me to re-tweet the tweets that I found interesting right from within my Twitter account. But to really get the best out of this feature.

It wasn’t enough for me to just re-tweet the tweets that I liked. I had to re-tweet tweets. That my followers and their followers might find interesting too.

Most of my followers are involved in  Network Marketing or in the make money online niche.

Which is great for me. From a targeted list building point of view. But the problem is.  That most of the tweets in this niche are repetitive and boring.

So how did I overcome this problem?


It was easy really. I simply re-tweeted tweets. From people who had reasonably high Klout scores. Remember,  I told you before.

That I can see all the Klout scores of everybody who has connected their account to Twitter. Armed with this knowledge. It made it easy to pick interesting tweets for my followers to look at.

You might be thinking….

That its all well and good me re-tweeting everybody else.

But what are these people going to do for me and my business?

To answer that question. I need to make 2 points.

The first one being that sharing is ultimately. What Social Network Marketing is about. You have to give if you want to get.

When you re-tweet quality tweets. You do get noticed. And more importantly you are raising you’re social presence online.

The second point is that staying active in Social Media. Will build up trust in you, and your business. Which can eventually lead to more sales and profits.

So you see it really is a win win situation. That you need to be a part of.


Tweet Old Post Kicks Ass


Installing this WordPress plugin. Has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made. And it completes The third and final part of my plan. In raising my Social Network profile.

Tweet Old Post automatically tweets one of my blog posts. Once every 24hrs. directly into my Twitter time line. For all of my followers to see.

I use to use MarketMeSuite and Twaitter.  To do this. Both of these services were very good. But unlike Tweet Old Post. They are not a fully automated. service.

Using this plugin has been a life saver to me. Because it keeps my blog in the public eye. Without being too over promotional.

So in closing…

My Klout score is still rising steadily. And more importantly.  I now know why it is happening. I also am already seeing the benefits of my increased social media activity.

I’ve Gained  more influencial friends on Twitter. And more targeted traffic to my blog.

So my question to you is…

How do you manage your Social Networking?

Tell me  by leaving a comment below.









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  1. Andrew says:

    Great post. There are some great tools here to try out as well as some smart strategies. Tweet Old Post is one that I’ve seen used effectively recently and am definitely going to implement.

  2. Aayna says:

    This is an informative article. Thanks for sharing these tips for ameliorating one’s profile.

  3. Richa says:

    Thanks for sharing this useful information. I will surely try to follow these tips.

  4. I also want to get known more about social media marketing and its advantage in different marketing aspects and how it is good for entrepreneurs and marketers.

  5. Thanks for sharing social media training videos & tips on improving profile. I will try with Tweet Post & other things you’ve mentioned. Appreciated.

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