Yoono-My Favourite Social Network Software Application Tool


I promise you that I haven’t been paid by Yoono to write this, and I don’t work for them, nor have I offered to give them a testimonial about their product.

This is just my honest opinion at this moment in time, and by the way, just in case I  forget, you can get this brilliant software application tool for nothing in other words it is totally FREE for you to download TODAY.

Social networking once thought of as just a fad, is now the dominant force on the Internet. You watch the news on your TV just like me.

So you already know about My Space,You Tube,Twitter, and Face-book. 4 of the most visited websites on the Internet today.

 What is Yoono?


Business or pleasure, what do you social network for?  If you use Yoono you’ve got both bases covered because you are  permanently connected to all of your friends on the most popular social networks just like the ones listed in the paragraph above.

To be exact…


Using Yoono will give you the ability to connect with all of your friends and business contacts on Friend  Feed,Twitter,My Space and Face-Book all at the same time.

If you’re a social networking addict then this is the perfect software application tool for you.Yoono makes it easy for  you to book-mark,save, and send messages or web pages to everybody in your social network instantly and in real time.

How Can Yoono Help You?

Speaking as a person who writes and maintains their own Blog, my time is important to me. I love using Yoono because it helps me organise my social networking activities.


I can for instance, write a blog post like the one you are currently
reading and still know what my friends and contacts are presently doing on their favourite social networking websites.

I have only just scratched the surface in explaining what the benefits of usingYoono will be to you.


Anyway, in my opinion  you will be mad not to give it a try, because for one thing it truly is an exceptional software application and it’s 100% FREE.


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  1. Interesting tools. I'm surprized there aren't more of these around with all the social networks popping up these days. Is Yoono a paid service?

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