Here’s Why You Should Not Buy Website Traffic


If you’ve just got your first website up and running, then you are probably eager to get as many eye balls as possible to see it.

One of the most popular methods that you can use to get a lot of visitors is by way of the “Buy Website Traffic” route.

Depending on where you decide to purchase your traffic from, You can easily find yourself a few thousand dollars out of pocket with little or nothing to show for your outlay.

I speak from experience because this is what happened to me when I first started out online.


Fortunately for me it did not cost me thousands, but only a few hundred pounds.

The name of the website that ripped me off  was who have no doubt probably changed their name to something else by now. 

Instead of playing Russian roulette with those type of websites and wasting lots of you’re money.

I’m going to suggest  something slightly controversial to you, which is to use “TRAFFIC EXCHANGES” YES!

“I know that you have tried them before and got poor results” BUT did you follow these 4 steps that I’m about to reveal to you now exactly to the letter.

Before I go on, I will freely admit to you that I am far from being a fan of Traffic Exchanges.

However, through a lot of trail and error I believe that by simply following these 4 simple steps

you will get ton’s of  visitors to any website of your choice,  at a fraction of the cost of the “Buy Website Traffic.” type of websites that by nature are costly and fraught with danger.

Anyway on with those 4 steps that I eluded to earlier.

1)Sign up to

2)Sign up to

3)Sign up to

4)Sign up to

As I’ve already stated to you, I am not generally a huge fan of using the Traffic Exchanges, but occasionally there are exceptions to the rules.

EasyHits4 and HitsBooster Pro both come under these exceptions.

What I like most about these two website’s is that they both offer FREE random referrals when you upgrade.

This is a very important feature, and it is the key to you being able to “BUILD YOUR DOWNLINE” across numerous exchanges that will in time allow you to…

get potentially THOUSANDS of visitors to you’re website at virtually no expense to yourself.

You can also purchase traffic bundle packages, at EasyHits4u and HitsBooster Pro that are similar to the ones offered at  the Buy Website Traffic sites… 

but the BIG difference is that you can buy them cheaper. Affiliate Funnel is a website that ranks Traffic Exchanges.

What makes this site so interesting is that the ranking positions  are decided by the members of each individual exchange, and they are updated on a monthly basis.

So you will always know which Traffic Exchanges are performing the best.


PageSwirl is a web page rotator that will save you from hours and hours of tedious surfing for page credits.

If managed correctly you can get ton’s of web site traffic at a very fast rate, I personally would not bother using the Traffic Exchanges without a rotator.

Two important points for you to remember here is, that…

you will continually get poor results in using the Traffic Exchanges unless you “UPGRADE”

And the second point is that they are a low quality traffic source which means that converting visitors to you’re website into BUYERS will be harder than if you were using traditional SEO methods.

Despite these 2 draw backs, I would still recommend that you start off promoting your website via the Traffic Exchanges… because you will be able to send traffic continuously to your site at a very low cost

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3 Responses to “Here’s Why You Should Not Buy Website Traffic”

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Paul,
    I agree with you for not buying traffic because if you just have to be sociable and active on socializing like sharing other stuff or participate on blog commenting, you will get a lot of traffic. That is what I do on my blog but most bloggers are just lazy doing this.

  2. mughees says:

    nice and informative article,best key points thanks for sharing wonderful best article,well written great article really very appreciated work.

  3. Yasir Khan says:

    Do not buy links no matter how good the offer is. While it may seem like a fast and easy way to pull your site up the search engine rankings, a lot of bad things can happen to permanently sideline your efforts.

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