Definition Of Niche Marketing 


Many Online Marketers far more respected and trusted than myself.

Have said that.

“A niche is simply a smaller part of your overall target market”

and who am I to argue with that description.

But just to play the Devil’s advocate for a little while.

I feel that it is in your best interest to see an imaginary example of this.

Let us pretend for a moment, that you own a  website that sells a variety of shoes from all over the world, at prices ranging from $20 to $500

During a 6 month period of  tracking your sales.

You discover that your number one seller (in terms of volume) are the English made shoes at $20 but you are actually making most of your profits from the Italian shoes priced at $500

I want you to give yourself a big pat on the back if you have figured out, that the potential niche market is in the Italian shoes…

…but remember it is only potential at this stage,you will still have to carry out some further research in order to find out if you have really found a true niche market.


Understanding Niche Marketing


is a product by Eamon Diamond that attempts to show you how to do all of this research quickly and efficiently.

The main bulk of this product consists of 5 video’s that all have a running time of less than 15 minutes.

From the shortness of  each video.

I can only assume that Eamon is obviously a firm beleiver in the less is more method of teaching, which I have to say suited me fine, as I have a very low attention span.

But just in case you are more of a book worm type…

…There’s also an eBook and checklist provided which will keep you on the straight and narrow.

So, once you have read the eBook and viewed each individual video.

You can come back and check mark each box and move along confidently to the next one … safe in the knowledge that you have covered all of the necessary steps.

And for all lovers/ followers of the Apple brand, you will be pleased to know that you can download any one of the videos to your favorite hand held device.


OK, now that we have got all of the formalities out of the way,It’s time for us to take a closer look at Understanding Niche Marketing to find out exactly how this product can help you.


Video 2 – Finding Profitable Niche Markets.

This video covers just some of the methods you can use when searching for those profitable Niche Markets…You will learn how to do your research using Amazon and to find the super niche markets that you can make money from.

Watching this video a couple of times will set you on the right track and further increase your chances of making sales consistently.


Video 4 – Google Trends

In this video you will discover how easy it is to go and research even further on the information you had just gathered in video 2

Imagine, all of this free information was sitting right under your nose and you probably never even realized it.

I must admit, that  Google Trends  is one of those services, that I’d never  really given much thought to when I needed to come up with extra research to fully understand a niche.

Understanding Niche Marketing is so user friendly even a newcomer couldn’t go wrong when they follow the guide!

The key steps that I learned from video’s 2 and 4 were invaluable and I know that this information alone, will go a long way in helping you to make your first sale online.

Being able to go and search for these niche markets randomly and profit from them.

Is a lot easier than you think.

Seriously, you just need someone to show you the correct way to put it altogether.

Understanding Niche Marketing will do this and more

Think about it this way.

For just one low price,  you will learn how to finally create products in those profitable niche markets,  and start putting money in your pocket in as little as a month from now





Thank you for reading







PS: I have not been bribed or paid to write this review and I have purchased this product with my own hard earned cash

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